brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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>Bob LeChevalier wrote... 
>>>>What does being armed have to do with being Christian?  Do you really think
>>>>you can defeat Satan with a gun?
>>>If you are "armed" it means that you are fundamentally opposed to
>>>the Neo-Nazi gun control legislation ADL liberals and other liberals
>>>are "for".
>>Which has nothing to do with Christianity, unless you have a Bible verse
>>commanding that you own a gun.

>As a matter of fact I do.  Are you sitting down? The following is
>from Jewish Law, from a Jewish website, concerning that very Bible
>verse.  But first, please don't tell me Jewish Law has nothing to do
>with Christianity because this has to do with the sanctity of life
>in the eyes of God.

Convince the nincompoop that Christians are bound by anything in the Talmud,
and I'll be surprised.

Whatever happened to "turn the other cheek"?  Is that command of Christ's
overridden by your interpretation of Talmud?

>...and I'm sure the Jewish version of sanctity of life (self
>defense, gun ownership)

Self defense is not the same thing as gun ownership, and neither has much to
do with the sanctity of life.

> isn't tied to a property law. It's tied to a
>moral law whereby a man can shoot first and ask questions later if
>his life is immediatly at stake. Such is the case in verse 2 of the
>Exodus 22:2	If a thief be found breaking up, and be smitten that
>he die, there shall no blood be shed for him.

Smitten, not shot.  There is no mention of guns in the Bible.  It appears to
say, however, that you have the right to defend yourself with bare arms.

>>Or maybe most Jews don't have any particular care WHAT the "Israeli
>>Rabbinate" thinks.  Certainly true of most of the Jews I know (since most
>>Jews I know are not observant; i.e. they do not practice the rituals
>>associated with Orthodox Jewry).
>That's what I thought. You know nothing concerning Rabinics or the

I probably know more than you do.  And if you know more than me, the
nincompoop should consider you a Jew.

>>>Well, you should "know better". And so should Angilion.
>>I know better than to think that "real Christians" are any less sinners than
>>any other human being.
>Then you're ok with guns and killing in self defense?  

I'm OK with smiting thieves when they are found breaking up, in any country
governed by the Torah. That is not the US.


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