brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> "John Knight" <johnknight at> wrote:
> >Consider the two following contradictory statements which *cannot* both
> >true:
> If you understood English and did not edit my writing, then you would have
> problem.

It's an insult to the language to call what you "liberals" do to massacre it

> >> > I don't believe that anyone but God
> >> >is authorized to judge what is in our hearts
> >
> >
> >> >Only explicit denial of Christ's divinity is
> >> >sufficient for me to reject someone who says he is a Christian as not
> >really
> >> >being Christian (e.g. Thomas Jefferson)
> Finish the sentence, nincompoop:
> >and even then I don't presume that God approves of my making that

You're digging this hole even deeper.  How deep are you going to dig it?

> >Mr. Jefferson wrote in his own hand "I am a real Christian", this IDIOT
> >"liberal" claims that only "God is authorized to judge", and then
> >to JUDGE Mr. Jefferson.
> And I specifically say that God may not approve of my making that

la, de, .ucking, da.

Did Ariel Sharon drop the bombs first and then claim "God may not approve of
my" killing 19 innocent civilians, or did he think about what God may think
before he killed them?

Your "qualifier" is as meaningless as Sharon's would have been in this

Either you LIVE by what you pretend to be your "moral code", or admit that
you're too amoral to even think about irritants like morals.

> >YOU AIN'T GOD, YOU STUPID "liberal",
> Did I say I was?  No!

No?  You said "I don't believe that anyone but God is authorized to judge
what is in our hearts", and then immediately followed that up with what YOU
think was in Mr. Jefferson's heart.  You're dead wrong about Mr. Jefferson
anyway, your pseudo-qualifier was disingenuous, and furthermore it was YOU
who raised this to "[only] God is authorized" just so you could immediately
run around playing God.

John Knight

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