CR vs Brain Cancer

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Mon Jul 29 10:11:49 EST 2002

"Science edges closer to fountain of youth",  By Ronald Kotulak, Tribune science reporter, Published July 29, 2002

"Researchers, firms target diet-gene link"

a couple of 'points':

there's danger of an 'economics' eugenics, here.

for reasons i've discussed in other msgs in this thread, without "NDT's understanding", significantly-lengthened life 'times' will constitute a a commensurately-negative 'pressure' with respect to the overall progress of Humanity.

with "NDT's understanding", progress will acelerate, and, rather than being exacerbated,  the population problem will diminish, even if life 'times' are significantly-lengthened, because "NDT's understanding" enables biological reward in a generalized way, and this 'levels-the-playing-field" between generalized creativity and procreativity.

k. p. collins

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