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> > > >All of them spoke out against the jews,
> > >
> > > False.
> > >
> > > >Nor is it less certain that the two races,
> > > >equally free, cannot live in the same government.
> > >
> > > And yet, the fact is, that they do.
> > >
> > > lojbab
> >
> > No, the fact is that they do not.
> >
> > White men must work 42 days each year JUST to earn the money that's paid
> > JUST in taxes which funds JUST the welfare that's paid JUST to niggers.
> >
> > Niggers are in a completely different world with completely different
> rules.
> > They'll never pay this trillions of dollars back that they extorted from
> > White men, yet White men are expected to pay for their load PLUS
> > paying for the niggers.  They'll never compensate the White race for the
> > genocide they're engaged in against White men, killing them at a rate
> > exceeds the entire murder rate of many countries.
> >
> > If White men were held to the same "standards" that niggers are, the
> country
> > would be broke faster than you can say "Liberia".
> >
> > Niggers and Whites live in different and separate communities, and
> whenever
> > niggers move to White communities they instantly become slum nigger
> > communities.  Each and every attempt to "integrate" schools,
> > political influence, the military, industry, school buses, etc., has
> a
> > more colossal failure than it was predicted to be.
> >
> > It's really awesome that a "liberal" could be such a moron that he
> wouldn't
> > know this.  Mr. Jefferson was far more accurate and honest and
> > and direct than you "liberals" could ever hope to be, even if you tried
> (and
> > of course you would never try).
> >
> > John Knight
> Well, I have extended my N-files to include facts that the libbies don't
> want you to know.
> Brian

Expressions of Ethnic Animosity

Politically Correct Hate Speech

Walter Mosley (President Clinton's favorrite mystery writer, in his novel)
"Dad?" "Yes?" "Why do black men always kill each other?" (Long pause.)
"Practising." After repeating these lines to him, I ask, "You mean,
practising to kill whites?" He smiles that crooked half-smile again, nods
and says, "Yup." (added 2/3/00)

Susan Sontag (white intellectual) "The truth is that Mozart, Pascal, Boolean
Algebra, Shakespeare, parliamentary government, baroque churches, Newton,
the emancipation of women, Kant, Marx, and Ballanchine ballets don't redeem
what this particular civilization has wrought upon the world. The white race
is the cancer of human history." (added 1/30/00)

Buffy Sainte-Marie (American Indian folk singer) "Here the melting pot
stands open -- if you're willing to get bleached first" (added 1/30/00)

John Updike (white novelist) "Americans have been conditioned to respect
newness, whatever it costs them" (added 1/30/00)

James Baldwin (black novelist) "The future is" (added 1/30/00)

Louis Farrakhan (black religious leader) "The Titanic was a great ship, but
is was captained by one depicted as being arrogant, and warnings of an
iceberg were not heeded. America is like that great ship. Unfortunately, at
the helm may be a proud captain. And black people could become the iceberg
that causes the sinking of this great ship called the United States of
America." (added 1/30/00)

Leroi Jones (black writer) "If you are black the only roads into the
mainland of American life are through subservience, cowardice and loss of
manhood. These are the white man's roads." (added 1/30/00)

Thurgood Marshall (black Supreme Court justice) "Some years ago I said in an
opinion that if this country is a melting pot, then either the Afro-American
didn't get in the pot or he didn't get melted down." (added 1/30/00)

Sonny Carson (black activist in New York when asked if he was anti-Semitic)
"I am anti-white. I don't limit my 'anti' to just one group of people."
[Mark Mooney, "Ex-Dinkins Organizer Boasts He's 'AntiWhite'" New York Post,
October 21, 1989, p. 3.]

Miles Davis (black jazz musician) "If somebody told me I had only one hour
to live, I'd spend it choking a white man. I'd do it nice and slow." [Miles
Davis Can't Shake Boyhood Racial Abuse, Jet March 25, 1985.]

Eldridge Clever (former Black Panther leader on why he raped white women)
"Rape was an insurrectionary act. It delighted me that I was defying and
trampling upon the white man's law, upon his system of values, and that I
was defiling his women . . . ." [Eldridge Clever, Soul on Ice, McGraw-Hill,
1968, p.14.]

Gus Savage (former U.S. Representative from Chicago to a white member of the
press) "I don't talk to you white motherf*ckers. . . . You bitch
motherf*ckers in the white press. . . . F*ck you, you motherf*cking *sshole
. . . white devils." [Marilyn Rauber, "Reporter Says Black Rep Hurled Racial
Slurs," New York Post, June 27, 1991, p. 18.]

Chino Wilson (in an editorial in the Daily Collegian, campus newspaper at
Penn State University) "After looking at all the evidence there is only one
conclusion: white people are devils . . . . I believe that we must secure
our freedom and independence from these devils by any means necessary,
including violence. . . . To protect ourselves we should bear arms (three
handguns and two rifles, maybe an M-16) immediately and form a militia. . .
. So black people, let us unite, organize and execute." [Chino Wilson,
"African American Students Should Not Trust 'Devilish' White People," The
Daily Collegian, Penn State University, January 28, 1992.]

Khalid Abdul Muhammed (former assistant to Louis Farrakhan - current leader
of the New Black Panther Party) -'Hollywood is owned by these so-called
Jews. Look at the movies they make about us, Black people killing Black
people. Let's make some revolutionary movies where we kill white people in
the movie. Kill 'em so hard you have to cover up your popcorn from the blood
spraying out of the screen." [Speech at San Francisco State University, May
21, 1997.]

Khalid Abdul Muhammed (on what South African blacks should do to any whites
who refuse to leave South Africa): "We kill the women. We kill the babies.
We kill the blind. We kill the cripples. We kill them all. . . . When you
get through killing them all, go to the goddamn graveyard and kill them
a-goddamn-gain because they didn't die hard enough."[November 29, 1993
speech at Kean College in Union, New Jersey.]

Mary Frances Berry (current head of U.S. Commission on Civil Rights) -
"Civil rights laws were not passed to protect the rights of white men and do
not apply to them." [Civil Rights Under Reagan, San Francisco, ICS Press,
1991, p. 141.]

Augustin Cebada (Head of the Brown Berets, a Hispanic activist organization
at a July 4, 1996 rally) - "We're here today to show L.A., show the minority
people here, the Anglo-Saxons, that we are here, the majority, we're here to
stay. We do the work in this city, we take care of the spoiled brat children
. . . we are the majority here and we are not going to be pushed around."

Augustin Cebada "Go back to Simi Valley, you skunks! Go back to Woodland
Hills! Go back to Boston! Go back to Plymouth Rock, Pilgrims! Get out! We
are the future. You are old and tired. Go on. We have beaten you. Leave like
beaten rats. You old white people, it is your duty to die. . . ." [Quoted in
Barbara Coe, Reconquista, The Takeover of America, California Coalition for
Immigration Reform, 1998, p. 20.]

Prof. Jose Angel Gutierrez (University of Texas, Arlington) "We have an
aging white America. They are dying. They are shitting in their pants with
fear! . . . I love it!" - [Speech of Jan. 1995, quoted in Coe, Reconquista,
p. 16.]

Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall (in a conversation with Justice
William Douglas about racial preferences) "You guys have been practicing
discrimination for years. Now it is our turn." [William O. Douglas, The
Court Years 1939-1975, New York, Random House, 1980.]

Bell Hooks (black professor of English at City College of New York) "I am
writing this essay sitting beside an anonymous white male that I long to
murder." [From her book A Killing Rage, quoted by David Horowitz in Hating
Whitey, Spence Publishing, 1999, p. 31.]

Sister Souljah (rap artist and black activist) "If black people kill black
people every day, why not have a week and kill white people." [R.W. Apple
"Jackson Sees 'Character Flaw' in Clinton's Remarks on Racism, New York
Times, June 19, 1992.]

Ice Cube (black rapper and actor, on the anti-Korean album Death
"So don't follow me up and down your market.
or your little chop suey ass will be a target.
So pay your respects to the black fist
or we'll burn your store right down to a crisp."
[Eric Briendel, "Rap Star to Koreans: 'We'll Burn Your Stores,' " New York
Post, Dec. 5, 1991, p. 29.]

Amiri Baraka (black poet and writer)
"You cant steal nothin from a white man, he's already stole it he owes
you anything you want, even his life. All the stores will open up if you
will say the magic words. The magic words are: Up against the wall
motherfucker this is a stick up!"
[Quoted in Anne Wortham, The Other Side of Racism, Ohio State University
Press, 1981, p. 257.]

Mario Obledo - (1998 Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient and former head
of Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund - MALDEF) "California
is going to be a Mexican state, we are going to control all the
institutions. If people don't like it they should leave." [Tom Leykis Radio
Show, June 7, 1998.]

Malcolm X - "The death of over 120 white people is a very beautiful thing."
[Speech in Los Angeles on June 3, 1962 upon learning of a plane crash. He
also said on numerous occasions, "The white man is the devil."]

Rev. James Cone - "What we need is the destruction of whiteness, which is
the source of human misery in the world." [Quoted in David Horowitz, Hating
Whitey, Spence Publishing, 1999, p. 44.]

Art Torres (former chairman, California Democratic Party) - "Remember,
[Proposition] 187 [the measure to cut public benefits to illegal aliens] is
the last gasp of white America." [The Social Contact, Summer 1998, p. 290.]

Willie Brown (Mayor of San Francisco to a white parent complaining that
affirmative action would penalize his children) "I don't care about your
idiot children." [The Social Contract, Summer 1998, p. 290.]

Source: American Renaissance

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