Science and Religion

Kenneth Collins k.p.collins at
Mon Jul 29 15:01:12 EST 2002

there's a great oozing wound within the 'heart' of 'humanity'
be-cause, in "science's" 'moving away from' 'religion',  and
"religion's" 'moving away from' science, =both= have, simultaneously,
=unwittingly= 'moved away from' Truth.

whether in 'religion' or 'science', the problem has been that
behavior was being Dictated by 'the Beast', Abstract Ignorance,
'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization, left uncomprehended, yet,
nevertheless, determining behavioral by-production.

both 'religion' and 'science' Condemning not-self, and in so doing,
=both= 'moving away from' Truth, most often, attacking the other as
'not-self', as if doing so 'justifies' anything.

anyway, since this's a Science 'place', i'll say it plain. rather
than ameliorating the problem, "science's" overly-generalized
'condemnation' of 'religion' threw-out all of the Good-Stuff along
with the unworthy stuff, in a knee-jerk way, not even bothering to
understand what's inherent, and this acted to exacerbate the problem.

in this way, 'science-that-sees-only-self' has 'partnered' with
'religion-that-sees-only-self' in the doing of great Harm to

and that's where things stand, and where they will stand, until both
Religion and Science come to grips with what's in "NDT's

Science needs to do what Science does - turn off the 'auto-pilot'
with respect to 'knee-jerking' with respect to Truth that, while
Abstract Ignorance Dictated to 'humanity', got lumped-together with

Failure with respect to such, constitutes a Willful joining in
Slaughters to come.

Can't anyone See-it?

that's the stuff inherent in the "sin against the Spirit" of which
Jesus Spoke.

Peace is right-there, attainable, simply, through exercise of our
Free Wills.

but, if we Choose to 'move away from' Truth, then Savagery ensues,
through our own Choice.

can't anyone else See-it?

out of Love for Humanity, Jesus was 'just' Saying-it-Plain.

and it's, supposedly, the 'role of science' is to 'move away from'
such because it's 'religion'?

"Yeah, sure."

k. p. collins

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