brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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Mon Jul 29 15:44:45 EST 2002

On Mon, 29 Jul 2002 15:33:59 GMT, JDay123 at (Jd) yelled
from the fourth floor ward window, and subsequently was sedated:

*>In  Re: brain sizes: Einstein's and women's, 
*>Shadow Dancer wrote... 
*>>"Richard C. August" <raugust at> wrote in message
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*>>> T9W,
*>>> First of all, if Witchcraft isn't a religion, then why is the
Church of
*>>> Wicca (pronounced Witch-a) a licensed Non-Profit Group organized
as a
*>>> RELIGIOUS ORDER and based in Salem, MA?
*>>One, you mispronounced it.  It is pronounced as it is spelled, with
two hard
*>>C's.  Second, you should really research what you talk about before
*>>off your mouth.
*>>Wicca is a federally-recognized and accepted religion, and does not
*>>necessarly incorporate witchcraft (another subject you and your
*>>should research before shooting off your mouths about).  Not all
witches are
*>>Wiccans; not all Wiccans are witches.
*>> is a very good site for getting
*>>information on many religions, including both Wicca and
*>>Here is the page that will perhaps set you straight in your
*>> - from which I
*>>"Wiccans generally consider themselves to be Witches, Neopagans,
and Pagans.
*>>However, not all Witches, Neopagans and Pagans are Wiccans. The
terms Witch,
*>>Neopagan and Pagan can also refer to followers of many other faith
*>>Because of religious propaganda dating from the late Middle Ages,
Wicca has
*>>often been incorrectly associated with Satanism. Wiccan beliefs and
*>>practices are no closer to Satanism than they are like Buddhism,
*>>or Islam. "It seems to be necessary to preface every discussion of
*>>Witchcraft with an explanation that, no, Neo-Pagan Witches aren't
*>>The Christian anti-God, Satan, has no place in Pagan pantheons,
*>>mythologically or theologically." 3"
*>Hold on there a minute.  You were telling me you only wanted to talk
*>"secular and factual" in another posting yet here you are talking
*>religion.  I don't mind you talking about your religion but you are
*>applying the hypocrites rule of the double standard.  Besides that,
*>you're making women look like idiots when you do such things.

Not at all. Richard stated that witchcraft is a religion, and thus
brought the subject into this subthread. We merely corrected him on
his misinformation.

Nobody asked you about christianity.


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