brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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>> >Nor is it less certain that the two races,
>> >equally free, cannot live in the same government.
>> And yet, the fact is, that they do.
>No, the fact is that they do not.

[nonsense deleted]

>Niggers and Whites live in different and separate communities, and whenever
>niggers move to White communities they instantly become slum nigger

Really?  That must mean that my county, with one of the highest per capita
incomes in the country, is an enormous slum community, since there are blacks
living within every school boundary in the county.

>Each and every attempt to "integrate" schools, communities,
>political influence, the military, industry, school buses, etc., has been a
>more colossal failure than it was predicted to be.

Repeating above, this county, which is quite well integrated wrt whites and
blacks, though there is some de facto segregation of Hispanics and Asians
(but they also can be found in all schools), has among the highest average
test scores in the country

>It's really awesome that a "liberal" could be such a moron that he wouldn't
>know this.  Mr. Jefferson was far more accurate and honest and intelligent
>and direct than you "liberals" could ever hope to be, even if you tried (and
>of course you would never try).

I have no gripe with Mr. Jefferson.  He was indeed accurate and honest and
intelligent and direct.  But I doubt that he or I would have those words mean
what you would have those words mean.


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