brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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Mon Jul 29 18:05:32 EST 2002

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> "John Knight" <johnknight at> wrote:
> >This is the way women "think", not men.  Why would a man possibly be
> >if you accidentally succeeded in setting the record straight?  The fact
> >that a major objective of this forum is to purposefully set the record
> >straight.
> This post of yours went to 6 *different* forums, ALL of which have the
> purpose of supporting discussion on some particular topic, NONE of which
> topics is "setting the record straight".

To set the record straight, this forum consists of a lot more than just the
usenet groups, and the overall purpose of this forum IS to set the record

The most important record that needs to be set straight is what you
"liberals" "think" about how wonderful miscegenation with niggers is.
You're dead wrong to promote it, just as you're dead wrong to continue to
promote "gender equality" and "affirmative action" and the Equal Pay Act and
gun control and "legalized" abortion and all the other STUPID ideas you've
come up with.

John Knight

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