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"PTOFA!" ["Prejudice TOward the FAmiliar"; pronounced "too fa", like the sound one makes when one expectorates.]

my comment was [is] with respect to the Outrage that was Reported.

i should've stated, plainly, that i'm Standing-With the Author, in his Courageous Stand-Taking.

'thought' it'd be Obvious, but seems it's not. at least not to all. [one of the unfortunate results of incomplete communication.]

i Apologize for any confusion that my overly-brief 'celebration' precipitated.

k. p. collins
    Kenneth Collins wrote in message ...
    "Kafka in Tulia", By BOB HERBERT

    "In a just world, this case would be no more than a spoof on "Saturday Night Live." Instead it's a tragedy with no remedy in sight."
    k. p. collins
    quote Copyright 2002, by The New York Times
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