brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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<> <> If the stuff on the bottom of this page would be true, he would not be
<> <> hailed as one of the greatest scientists of the 20th century.
<> <>
<> <> Here is a page with some REAL citations - Albert Einstein Online:
<> <>
<> <>
<> <> You've now confirmed one thing, John Knight.  You're a Nazi.  When did
<> <> become a member of the party and did you know that Nazis do not believe
<> <> Jesus?
<> <>
<> <> The Shadow Dancer
<> <
<> <Nazis were jews, and Nazis persecuted, terrorized, imprisoned, and KILLED
<> <Christian leaders in Germany long before WWII
<> <
<> <
<> <It's EASY for jews to select Einstein as their "man of the year"--but the
<> <only people who even named Einstein as a notable figure, much less "man
<> <the year", were the jews, and not even most of them thought of Einstein
<> <asked the question.
<> <
<> <What's HARDER is to find even ONE jewish "genius" who wasn't a proven
<> <plagiarist, and LIAR.
<> <
<> Oh, that's easier than finding one relativist -- John Archibald
<> Wheeler, Kip Thorne, Stephen Hawking -- who believes your silly pack
<> of lies about Einstein.  Read a little physics by physicists, eh?
<> They know the history of their field.  They've read all the original
<> papers.  They're hardly idiots.
<> -- cary
<In case you haven't noticed, cary, teaching pigs to sing frustrates the
<teachers and irritates the pigs.
<Teaching jews to *read all the original papers* is more worthless than
<teaching pigs to sing.  


What does "Teaching jews[sic] to *read all the original papers" have to 
do with the highly talented goyim I mentioned?

Incidentally, I consulted my Ouija board, and Mr. Clemmens is quite
weary of your munging his aphorism.

-- cary

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