brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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>>> Mark 16:15     And he said unto them, "Go ye into all the world,
>>> and preach the gospel to every creature". - Jesus
>>Isn't that book merely what some guy(Mark, no doubt) perceives Jesus
>>said.  I mean, it doesn't exactly say, 'And I said unto them, "Go ye
>>into all the world, and preach the gospel to every chreature".
> Technically, yes.  Billions of Christians since have perceived those

Technicality is the very soul of theology.

> words as a command of Jesus.  If they hadn't, I would'nt be here right

What they *perceive* may have no bearing on reality.

> now telling you all these things.  

The question isn't whether *they* perceive, but whether *you* perceive it.

> Bottom line is that it all boils down to faith.

It sure does, and remember that your buddy John Knight is willing to drive 
whole populations out over a matter of *faith*, not even fact.

> Jd

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content with dominating the culture of the Classical world, are also 
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the Greek ferry timetables.  A work of the sublimest fiction.  Anyone who 
has travelled the Aegean will confirm this..." Professor Watkin - Dirk 
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