rat sleep behavioural characteristics

Jean-Etienne Poirrier jepoirrier at nospam.student.ulg.ac.be
Tue Jul 30 06:07:31 EST 2002


I am a B.Sc. student at the university of Liege (Belgium) doing my B.Sc. 
thesis on protein expression in rats hippocampus. For a part of my job, I 
had to record rat sleep. I had problems in finding the rat sleep EEG 
characteristics. But thanks to this newsgroup, I found some references (*)

Now I am looking for papers describing the behavioural characteristics of 
rat sleep. I looked in PubMed but didn't found a good paper (perhaps 
the keywords I gave weren't correct). Could someone help me ?

Thanks in advance.

(*) Since I should also see if the 1982 polygraph is still good, I found a 
good paper describing both the acquisition methods and the rat sleep 
criteria : Robert C., Guilpin C. and Limoge, A. "Automated sleep staging 
systems in rats" Journal of Neuroscience Methods, 88 (1999), 111-122. :-)

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