brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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Tue Jul 30 17:41:30 EST 2002

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<> Brian
<> PS. Your Christian God was a great crutch, but it is time to lay away the
<> crutch as the old tool has served it's purpose.
<> It's time to evolve.
<Well, thanks for the offer, Brian, but we'll have to let you know when we've
<got an opening for another God );
<In the interim, your expertise in probability and statistics could be very
<useful in setting the record straight regarding multiple choice questions.

Not to mention that he's already proved invaluable in the "Of course
Jesus was a Jew" debate, as he informed us:

    Europe used to be peaceful, until this thing called 'religion' came 
    into the picture; with the dead Jew on a stick.

-- cary

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