brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> >ppps--and proclaiming that anyone who doesn't profess the "liberal code
> >honor" is a Nazi
> Since I know of no such code, much less profess it, I must be a Nazi in my
> own eyes.  Yet I am not,  Therefore you are a nincompoop.
> Only those who advocate white superiority, and are willing to engage in
> murder of and deprivation of human rights to all others whom they label a
> "different race" or who oppose them politically.  Believing the ideas of
> Christian Identity cult, having a preoccupation with race, and
> are strong indicators.

Who exactly do you "think" is proposing "mass murder", or "deprivation of
human rights"?

We're proposing just the OPPOSITE.  We're simply praying that for every
fellow Christian or Muslim who's killed by the jews in Palestine, or
anywhere else in the world that jews are involved, that the jews suffer a
million times over.  We're praying that niggers have their "human rights"
restored by placing them back in the pristine condition under which they
were found in Africa, which will also restore OUR human right to not have to
listen to or look at them, to not continue to suffer the genocide of the
White Race at their hands, to not continue to subsidize their existence on
this continent to the tune of $850 billion per year, to not have to permit
their violent, amoral, despicable, blasphemous, obscene "music" to be
crammed down our throats.

If the 1.9% who're jews, or the 12% who're niggers, or the 1% who're
"liberals" or feminazis, don't like it--too bad.  The 200 million White
Christians in this Christian nation do NOT have to put up with it for one
more second, regardless of what you may "think" the real game plan is.

John Knight

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