brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

Bob LeChevalier lojbab at
Tue Jul 30 22:08:09 EST 2002

"John Knight" <johnknight at> wrote:
>Who exactly do you "think" is proposing "mass murder", or "deprivation of
>human rights"?


>We're proposing just the OPPOSITE.  We're simply praying that for every
>fellow Christian or Muslim who's killed by the jews in Palestine, or
>anywhere else in the world that jews are involved, that the jews suffer a
>million times over.

Which is precisely, proposing "mass murder".

>We're praying that niggers have their "human rights"
>restored by placing them back in the pristine condition under which they
>were found in Africa,

Which has nothing to do with their human rights.  Or should we send
you back to Germany under the same argument?

>which will also restore OUR human right to not have to listen to or look at them,
>to not continue to suffer the genocide of the
>White Race at their hands, to not continue to subsidize their existence on
>this continent to the tune of $850 billion per year, to not have to permit
>their violent, amoral, despicable, blasphemous, obscene "music" to be
>crammed down our throats.

No such rights.

>If the 1.9% who're jews, or the 12% who're niggers, or the 1% who're
>"liberals" or feminazis, don't like it--too bad.  The 200 million White
>Christians in this Christian nation do NOT have to put up with it for one
>more second,

Don't hold your breath, because it will be a lonnnngggg second.
This "White Christian" will be one of *many* that will be happy to
make you "put up" or leave, preferably the latter.


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