brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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>> Really?  That must mean that my county, with one of the highest per capita
>> incomes in the country, is an enormous slum community, since there are blacks
>> living within every school boundary in the county.
>> >Each and every attempt to "integrate" schools, communities,
>> >political influence, the military, industry, school buses, etc., has been a
>> >more colossal failure than it was predicted to be.
>> Repeating above, this county, which is quite well integrated wrt whites and
>> blacks, though there is some de facto segregation of Hispanics and Asians
>> (but they also can be found in all schools), has among the highest average
>> test scores in the country
>And yet this "school system" produced you, which is living proof that they
>did a LOT wrong.

Why would you assume that I was brought up in the county that I now

Meanwhile, I'll put my level of ignorance up against yours any day,
and come away smiling.

>Judging by your attitude and stupidity, you're most likely in the jew Yawk

Wrong (as I've told you several times before).

>New Jersey
>478 = one of the lowest SAT math scores in the country
>270 = NAEP math score, one of the lowest in the country
>$10,233 = THE highest cost per student per year in the country
>North Dakota
>592 = THE *highest* SAT math score in the country

Of course only 5% of the students took the test, probably among the
brightest 5%

>Your frame of reference is so far down the totem poll that what looks UP to
>you is way off the cliff in North Dakota.

Sorry, but you are wrong again, nincompoop.

I've posted my SAT scores before when you've tried this game: 666
verbal 774 math; total 1440.  So did toto and several other women.
Now you post yours, nincompoop.  Let's see you show how much smarter
you are than the women here. (Not!)

Fairfax Co VA
Year 2000 combined Math/verbal average score 1098 with 84% of seniors
tested. (US average 1019))

>It's doubtful if the tail ends of the bell curves even cross paths.

You would certainly know, since you appear to be on the tail end of
the lowest bell curve imaginable.


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