What it Comes Down To

Kenneth Collins k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Wed Jul 31 04:57:57 EST 2002

OK, I'll 'explain' what I've been 'dancing-around' for decades.

But first, let me make it clear that, in what follows, I am not
'trashing' folks, although I understand that, at first glance
[especially for folks who do not yet possess NDT's understanding], it
will 'seem' so.

It's in my 'heart' to do just the opposite of 'trashing' folks.

So folks should understand NDT's stuff before 'reacting' to what's

What I'll discuss is 'historical-background' stuff with respect to
NDT and my efforts to communicate it.

There's been a concerted effort to 'take the understanding and run'.

At first, such was only on the part of a relatively-small portion of
the 'governmental bureauacracy'. Folks saw what was in a subset of
NDT, and 'decided' to 'borrow' it. At first, they tried to 'bring me
on-board', but when I, too-briefly, explained that I'd done the work
on behalf of folks who suffer, and told them I'd not sign anything
that'd force me to keep my work secret, they just took the work, and,
thereafter worked to 'erase' my Being, and 'all-hell' broke out in my

I continued to work toward communication of NDT's understanding,
doing so, in the main, by reaching out, uninvited and unannounced, to
Journalists [began years before the 'government' folks got wind of my

at first, Journalists were 'skeptical', and treated me like a
'crackpot', but I persisted. After years, I saw an almost-overnight
change within most, but not all, of Journalism. Where I'd been
treated shabbily, I was now being treated, if not cordially, at least
forebearingly. so, I understood that Journalism had "inverted" [AoK,
Ap4] with respect to that which I'd brought to them.

After it became clear that the 'government' folks were working
against the coming forward of NDT's understanding, knowing what's
entailed in such, my efforts with Journalists became 'desperate'. I
was begging [Journalists would say, "demanding"] that they just do
the 'story' quickly.

That didn't happen, and, although I've persisted in reaching-out to
Journalism, I watched in Sorrow as Journalism came under the
pressures of a 'disinformation' campaign that was aimed squarely at
'discrediting' my Being.

Of course, the existence of this 'disinformation' campaign was, at
first, only an hypothesis, but, over 'time', I was able to verify its
existence. and so can anyone else who, as I long ago 'suggested', has
saved the msgs I've posted. [There's a 'world' of stuff in-there, in
addition to this or that which was superficially the topic of

As I continued to work, there were 'difficult' things, inherent in
NDT's understanding, that had to be dealt with, one after the other.
Sadly, the more of these 'difficult' things that I discussed the more
'powerful' folks joined in working-against the coming forward of
NDT's understanding.

An example derives in NDT's reification of what's been referred to as
"depression" [AoK, Ap8]. the Pharmaceutical industry 'reacted' to
such, strongly.

another example is with respect to the effects of irrelevant novelty
in TD advertisements [AoK, Ap5]. Another 'backlash.

There's a lot more of such, all of it Unfortunate.

I witnessed folks gradually coming to work-together with respect to
working-against the coming forward of NDT's understanding, or to
'steer' its coming-forward, which is the same as working-against it.

The dynamics, inherent, became widely-spread and really-powerful, and
the 'disinformation' was spread-thick, all of it, calculated
[literally; AoK, Ap6] to maintain the "ignorance" of the Citizenry.

Within such, Journalism was, itself, also attacked, but portions of
Journalism willingly joined-in [becoming 'journalism'], but the stuff
that most-rent my 'heart' was the attack as it was waged against my
Family. Folks knew that they could not 'turn' me, so they attacked my
Family, the result being that I was rendered relatively cut-off from
even my Family.

Folks who've followed things over the years will recall that all I
ever did with respect to all of this was to bat-it-down whenever it
tended to go 'beyond-the-pale', which, of course simultaneously
documented it.

It was in my 'heart' to just work-through-it, knowing that, in the
end, folks'd get-it, and abandon this working-against stuff.

As folks who've been following things know, as my funds permit, I
'monitor' stuff in the news, endeavoring to maintain vigilance with
respect to international group-wise TD E/I. Folks'll recall that,
when I lost my apartment, and, therefore, had to log-off
bionet.neuroscience, I desperately pleaded with folks with respect to
there being "about a year". What I was monitoring was international
group-wise TD E/I, and it was, then, increasing rapidly.

Then, the Tragic events of September, 11, 2001, unfolded.

What it comes down to is that it's obvious that some folks are
beginning to understand the worth of NDT's stuff.

But there's huge negative inertia with respect to all the
working-against-NDT's-Stuff that went on prior to "9/11".

Folks are 'afraid' of being 'exposed' to "shame" [you know, the stuff
of 'scandals'].

But, all things considered, God got things right.

There won't be any 'scandals' because the folks who promulgate
'scandal' are right-there, in the midst of what's 'scandalous'.

Which is all just-Fine, as far as I'm concerned - with respect to
there being no 'scandal, that is. With respect to folks' retroactive
understanding of their Errors, well everyone knows where I stand with
respect to such.

There is one thing that gives me un-tell-able Sorrow, though.

It is that NDT's understanding still needs to be communicated in a
generalized way, yet, this 'shame'-stuff has everyone involved in-it
'moving away from' 'me', but, now, with a saving-their-own-skins
'rationale' inherent, and that means that it's even less-likely that
I'll be allowed to just do what needs to be done.

It's why, all things considered,  I've reiterated that my only Hope
has been to be able to meet, in some quiet place, having a good
Neuroscience Library, with 3 - 4 folks who Love Neuroscience. I can
show them NDT's stuff, and they can communicate the understanding to
folks who've not yet had access to it.

Am I 'angry'?

Not really.

I'm just pretty-much with-jaw-hanging-down with respect to the
enormity of the Tragedy inherent, and still haven't 'recovered' from
having Witnessed the way folks 'blindly' and automatically ganged-up
to work-against the coming forward of NDT.

Jesus Taught what to do with respect to such, "Father, forgive them
for they know not what they do."

Truth, with respect to such, is 'engineered' right-into our nervous

I Honor Truth.

K. P. Collins

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