brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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Bob LeChevalier wrote... 

>You cannot argue, on the basis of the Bible, what the Bible does not address.

What does the Bible not address?  

>>Besides that, they didn't have guns back then.
>Well, then perhaps for a Biblical literalist who believes we should live
>absolutely according to the Bible, one should not use guns.  There are
>Christians who believe that there should be no musical instruments in
>churches because the Bible does not mention them in religious services.  The
>logical extension of this is that we must live strictly as did the people of
>the Bible and eschew modern conveniences as non-Biblical.  And indeed the
>Amish among others follow this practice.

That dog won't hunt.  Your "logical extensions" make Rosie O'donnell a
real man and George Washington an "extremist' who should've never been
allowed into politics.

>But I again challenge you with the first sentence quoted above:
>>>>>Which has nothing to do with Christianity, unless you have a Bible verse
>>>>>commanding that you own a gun.
>To which you replied that "in fact you do".  There is no "flip flop" in my
>pointing out that in fact you have no such thing, and in trying to distract
>from the fact that you ave no such verse, you have in fact brought in Jewish
>extremist interpretations of Talmud (as if you had some especial respect for
>Jews or Talmud), a verse that removes the death penalty for self-defense
>against a thief with lethal intent, a prediction that saints will judge the
>world, the Constitutional right to bear arms, the question of whether it is
>OK to believe that Jesus smoked pot, and whether I may have "flip-flopped".
>Now devoid of all of these side issues, let us see "a Bible verse commanding
>that you own a gun", since you CLAIMED to have one.  Or did you lie when you
>>>>As a matter of fact I do.

You're kidding, right? 


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