brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> >> >> Mark 16:15     And he said unto them, "Go ye into all the world,
> >> >> and preach the gospel to every creature". - Jesus
> >> >
> >> >Isn't that book merely what some guy(Mark, no doubt) perceives Jesus
> >said.
> >> >I mean, it doesn't exactly say, 'And I said unto them, "Go ye into all
> >the
> >> >world, and preach the gospel to every chreature".
> >>
> >> Technically, yes.  Billions of Christians since have perceived those
> >> words as a command of Jesus.  If they hadn't, I would'nt be here right
> >> now telling you all these things.
> >>
> >> Bottom line is that it all boils down to faith.
> >>
> >> Jd
> >
> >Many will say (including myself) that we don't go much for "blind faith",
> >and those either too frightened, or too brainwashed, do.  People who are
> >full possession of their own sensibilities check things out for
> >and don't let some other human being scare them into "staying put"
> >of "hellfire and brimstone".
> >
> >Sadly, we have to conclude you fall into one of the latter categories.
> >
> >Now, take it to your beloved Christian newsgroups.
> Repent of your sins and seek the God of Israel.
> Jd

The "God of Israel", which is god of both Judaism and Christianity, is but
one facet of the Supreme Creator.

Another facet is female, or we wouldn't have women, because a creator cannot
create what is not a part of themselves.

Sin?  Oh, you mean mistakes?  Those are my reponsibility to resolve, and
telling a god does not resolve them.  I *do* something about my mistakes -
unlike you and a lot of other Xtians who think verbal repention is enough.

I'm glad your religion works for you; however, it does not work for
everyone.  It did not work for me, though, whether you believe it or not, we
revere the same Deity.

Pluck the log out of your own eye before worrying about the splinter in
mine.  Also remember that you are commanded to love your neighbor.  I, and
many others like me, are also your neighbors. I said, if you are going to preach, take it to Xtian newsgroups.
It's horribly off-topic, here.

The Shadow Dancer

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