brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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>Bob LeChevalier wrote... 
>>You cannot argue, on the basis of the Bible, what the Bible does not address.
>What does the Bible not address? 

A lot of things.  I don't see any discussion of relativistic physics,
how to reboot my Windows computer, the molecular structure of DNA, or
how many news postings it will take before you make some sense.
>>>Besides that, they didn't have guns back then.
>>Well, then perhaps for a Biblical literalist who believes we should live
>>absolutely according to the Bible, one should not use guns.  There are
>>Christians who believe that there should be no musical instruments in
>>churches because the Bible does not mention them in religious services.  The
>>logical extension of this is that we must live strictly as did the people of
>>the Bible and eschew modern conveniences as non-Biblical.  And indeed the
>>Amish among others follow this practice.
>That dog won't hunt.  Your "logical extensions" make Rosie O'donnell a
>real man and George Washington an "extremist' who should've never been
>allowed into politics.

I do not see how either of these derive from "we must live strictly as
did the people of the Bible and eschew modern conveniences as
non-Biblical", or for that matter from anything else I've said.

Tell me when I've said that "extremists" "should've never been allowed
into politics".  Tell me where I've ever said ANYTHING about Rosie
O'Donnell, about whom I know nothing except that she is on TV (which I
rarely watch)

>>But I again challenge you with the first sentence quoted above:

>>Now devoid of all of these side issues, let us see "a Bible verse commanding
>>that you own a gun", since you CLAIMED to have one.  Or did you lie when you
>>>>>As a matter of fact I do.
>You're kidding, right? 

You made a claim that you had a Bible verse COMMANDING that you own a
gun.  I'm asking you to cite such a verse.  Are you backing away from
that claim?


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