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anyway, the "special topological homeomorphism" [AoK, short paper, Ap 3, 5,
7, 9] of the nervous system - the one IFR Geometry -[the 'skelleton' upon
which everything else is 'hung']  enables the extraordinarily-powerful
information-processing that happens between our Human ears.

you see, all of what's been 'difficult' in the algorithm stuff of
'traditional' computers [including 'parallel-processors] is Resolved in the
special topological homeomorphism of the nervous system.

there's no need to 'time' processing in a complex hierarchical fashion
[which is where 'complexity' goes exponential, and, thereby, thwarts
implementation of this or that algorithmic stuff.

all of the analogous stuff [all of the algorithmic 'complexity'] is
built-rithg-into the special topological homeomorphism, and [with respect to
machine implementation] the only problem becomes [as i discussed in the
"From Biological to Computational Model" thread] selecting any of an
infinite number of ways to assign 'memory' to the individual 'processors'.
and this isn't 'difficult' because, although there are these infinite ways,
it's 'difficult' to find a way to attach 'memory' that doesn't work. so what
the problem becomes is finding a way to attach 'memory' to the individual
'processors' that's in-the-spirit of the special topological homeomorphism.
and that isn't 'difficult' at all because, if one doesn't choose well, "5
happens" within the design, itself.

=ALL= of this has been right in the "Automation of Knowing..." ms. [AoK],
and the refs. cited in AoK, all along.

this's why it's been so 'hard' to experience all the 'silence'... the
'solitary confinement', and, you know, all of the hurtful stuff that used to
interrupt my discussions of this stuff.

i know how things 'looked'.

but i was in a Desperate 'Race' against the work of 'the beast' [Abstract
Ignorance], so i'd not the 'luxury' of allowing
'the-way-things-are-supposed-to-be' to 'reach-in' to 'steer' the course of
my efforts.

all along, i understood that folks were just Victims of 'the beast'.

i did what i could to just deal with this or that as it came-up, knowing
whence it came, and why, while working to not be 'steered' by it.

what was so 'Difficult' for me, then, was that i also knew that folks who
didn't, yet, understand, would tend to 'interpret' the actions i took to
shut-down 'the beast' as 'indicating' this, that or the other thing, with
respect to my Being, that is 'traditionally' 'negative'.

i knew that there were some, in fact, whose whole purpose was to provoke my
having to shut-down 'the beast', here in our shared electronic 'presence',
in order to 'demonstrate' this, that, or the other 'traditionally'
'negative' thing with respect to my Being.

over the years, i've watched, as several largely, but not-entirely,
'distinct' groups actually 'waged a 'dold war'' against one another with
respect to the stuff i was working to accomplish. within such, i was
relegated to 'irrelevancy'.

it was 'hilarious'. no one cared that i was out-here, pouring almost all of
my personal resources into my effort to bring the understanding forward.
'you' know, the stuff that folks usually use to purchase their ways within

but, until ~~three years ago, my personal resources were my only resources,
then my Father took-me-in, and his 'reward', in the end, was dying a
Hard-Death, alone(?), while i was jailed.

it's all so sad, but perhaps folks can find, within-it, reason to 'move away
from' 'the beast', instead of 'moving away from' Hope.

anyway, i Understood, all along, what was going-on. it's all right-there in
the special topological homeomorphism's 'language', in which i'm Conversant,
so, 'listening' to that 'language', how could i not understand?

it's all as plain-spoken to me as any 'normal' vocalized Conversation, so,
how could i not understand?

and with the understanding, comes Responsibility.

more 'hilarity'. all my efforts to act upon my understanding, in the Spirit
of AoK's "Epilogue" were 'interpreted', by some, as 'indicating' that i 'had
something to hide'.

but all i was Doing was holding-open the 'door' to all the Victims of 'the

i'll say here, now [with the stern Admonition that folks should not
'fly-off-the-handle' with respect to what i'll say], that i gained the
'Strength' to Continue, regardless, be-cause i Saw, early-on, that what i
was Suffering was the Same-Stuff that Jesus Suffered.

it was =not= 'the Jews' who killed Jesus.

it was =not='the Romans' who killed Jesus.

it was ='the beast' that Killde Jesus.

Abstract Ignorance.

the absence of understanding with respect to how and why nervous systems
process information via 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization, within
nervous systems which, nevertheless, do process information via
'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization... it was this Same-Stuff that has
Ravaged Humanity since the beginning, and which Tragically =continues= to
Ravage Humanity, in rising cresendo in our 'time', that Killed Jesus.

and anyone who only looks will See that Jesus Knew all about 'the beast'.

the way i See it, Jesus was completing Creation by giving folks, who were
ready to Hear, the 'Keys-to-the-Kingdom' Stuff.

"Love your enemies."

"Do good to those who persecute you."

~~"Go the extra mile, and give 'em your shirt, too."

"New wine is for new wineskins." [teach the =Children=. even though the
'teachers' will 'move away from']

you know, one cannot comprehend what goes on within nervous systems without
Seeing Jesus, in-there, plain-as-day.

yet, the 'familiar' thing, among learned-'professionals', is to 'move away
from' Seeing such.

which is a 'beast'-induced 'choosing' to be 'blind'.

be-cause Jesus got-it-Right ~~2000 years ago, such 'beast'-induced
'blindness' is particularly Tragic.

folks 'cannot' embrace Simple Truth 'because' doing so would
'get-them-in-trouble' with their 'peers' [because they'd have to Recognize
Jesus in-there, and doing so is tacitly-'Outlawed' within the 'familiar'
stuff [the merely-TD E/I-minimizing stuff] of their local environments...
within their 'professional' spheres-of-interaction.

Man-Oh-Man! i can think of =nothing= more-Tragic than that.

reread Lincoln's "lock of 100 keys" metaphor. it's all about what 'the
beast' does to 'professionals' with respect to Truth.

'the beast' not only 'blinds' folks to Truth, it =coerces= folks to 'move
away from' Truth.

and Truth, being the stuff upon which the Universe rests, 'moving away from'
Truth results in folks' efforts 'moving away from' Fruition.

'moving away from' Hope for the future.

'moving away from' Peace.

and 'moving away from' such stuff constitutes 'moving toward'
self-destruction, doesn't it?


yet folks 'cannot' 'because' Jesus is in-there?

'pretty'-wimpy, no?

to be 'frightened' of one who says, "Love."

and, then, to 'wonder' why there's Hate everywhere one looks?

no 'wonder'.

k. p. collins

Kenneth Collins wrote in message ...
>Kenneth Collins wrote in message ...
>>>>5. anywhere the neural Topology [fancy Geometry] diverges from the one
>>>>Geometry defined by the environment, the nervous system's survival
>>>>propensity drops below 100%.
>the TD E/I-minimization mechanisms [see AoK] and their functioning [see
>are ordered in rigorous accord with the one "special topological
>homeomorphism" [see AoK] Internal Frame of Reference [IFR] Geometry.
>divergences within this one IFR Geometry take the form of
>sensori-association-motor 'mismatches' [AoK, Ap5, 6, 7, 8].
>the TD E/I-minimization mechanisms act to eliminate such 'mismatches'
>are inherently TD E/I(up) activation 'states'.
>behavior, affect, and cognition are produced as by-products of 5
>discrete 'intelligence' is inherent be-cause TD E/I-minimization occurs in
>rigorous accord with the one Geometry, and the one IFR Geometry is
>rigorously-ordered with respect to the external environment.
>if the behavior [cognition, affect] that are by-produced are 'incorrect',
>further divergence occurs and the supersystem configuration mechanisms
>Ap5, 7] are activated, and the 'cycle' repeats.
>all of this stuff works be-cause =everything= within the external
>environment reduces to the one-way flow of energy from order to disorder
>that is what's described by 2nd Thermo [WDB2T; if you don't Believe this,
>Challenge it... =PLEASE=; it's worked out all the way down to so-called
>sub-'nuclear' stuff and dynamics; 'you' can't break it, but neither can
>'you' Understand it if 'you' don't try to 'break-it', so =PLEASE= try to
>'break-it'], so all nervous systems have to do is detect and respond to the
>Thermodynamics inherent in the external environment.
>nervous systems are brilliant at doing exactly this one thing.
>and they obtain their brilliance because "5 happens".
>whatever you do, you know what to do be-cause "5 happens".
>the 'language' i wrote about in the "Truth and Scerecy" thread the other
>night derives in the one IFR Geometry.
>and when "5 happens", everything is 'stated' in the 'language' of the IFR
>nervous systems' internal 'conversations' occur in this
>Topologically-ordered 'language'.
>we 'think' by constructing 'thoughts' in this 'language'.
>the 'grammar' of this 'language' is given in =all= of AoK, and, some
>particulardetails, in Ap6.
>everything that's discussed in AoK occurs in rigorous accord with the one
>IFR Geometry [neural Topology].
>so, nervous systems 'know' how to activate the effectors be-cause TD E/I is
>mapped in rigorous accord with the one IFT Geometry, which is mapped in
>rigorous accord with WDB2T in the external environment.
>bump your shin... "5 happens", and your nervous system 'knows' how to
>activate your body's musculature be-cause the 'pain' you 'sense' is mapped
>in rigorous accord with the one IFR Geometry, so all your nervous system
>to do is minimize the topologically-distributed ratios of excitation to
>inhibition [TD E/I] that're occuring within it, and, lo and behold, doing
>only that, results in your body's musculature 'moving away from' the
>environmental correlate of "pain's" TD E/I(up).
>and you are able to 'remember' and learn how not to bump your shin
>within your nervous system, everything's 'written' in the 'language' of the
>one IFR Geometry.
>when you 'think' about doing something [anything], your nervous system
>'writes' a 'proposal' in this Mathematical 'language', and 'test' such
>hypotheses by 'feeling' their TD E/I within your brain.
>if 5 happens, a supersystem reconfiguration [including a "passive-active
>phase shift"; AoK, Ap5] happens [this, too, all 'written' in the one IFR
>Geometry 'language'], and you 'go-ahead', manifesting behavior, with affect
>if not, via the same dynamics within the same IFR Geometry, you don't.
>it's all an extraordinarily-simple Geometry problem in which the
>energy-dynamics of the external enviroment are carried into your nervous
>system, and your nervous system configures itself so that its internal
>energy 'state' [its TD E/I] is optimized with respect to the external
>environment's energy 'state'.
>you Solve this Geometry problem continuously.
>got an 'itch'?
>"5 happens"
>but, i admit, it's all so much-easier when the Geometry is diagrammed at a
>the World is 3-D..
>the one IFR Geometry is 3-D [with an 'pseudo-dimension' that can be used to
>discuss TD E/I at this 'point' within the nervous system with respect to TD
>E/I at that 'point'. see AoK, Ap2, but eliminate non-existent 'time'
>been referred to as 'time' is just one detectable perspective on WDB2T.
>your 'clock', and you impart energy to its spring. the the 'colck' doesn't
>meter 'time'. it meters its spring giving up energy. all in rigorous accord
>with WDB2T. everything within physical reality is the same with respect to
>what's been referred to as 'time'. using a nail's rusting as a 'clock' is a
>useful exercise in coming to terms with the non-existence of so-called
>'time', because you can control the rate of oxidation by controlling the
>nail's ambient energy dynamics. you're not controling non-existent 'time',
>but it's all just as rigorously-ordered as is your 'clock'. 'electric
>clocks', Same-Stuff. you can even substitute your automobile for your
>'clock'. all your automobile does is 'meter' energy-flowing from order to
>dis-order. want to use an 'atom'? Same-Stuff [although you can't do it
>without Tapered Harmony's tools. hourglass? Same-Stuff. what's been
>to as 'gravity' is just energy flowing, in rigorous accord with WDB2T.
>'sundial'? Same-Stuff, in it's entirety, 'orbits' and all. Sun's 'radiance'
>is just more WDB2T happening... another 'clock' that's metering
>not non-existent 'time'. Challenges invited. pick your 'system'. i'll
>it to WDB2T. [excellent exercise, which, itself, is all WDB2T.]]]]
>the 'language' of nervous systems is 3-D [4-D with the 'connectivity'
>but verbal symbol sets [like this one, here] are 1-D 'streams' [AoK, Ap5].
>so, i'd like to use =your= chalkboard, please, so i can do the Necessary
>anyway, the Dr. Seuss National Memorial was Dedicated, in  Springfield,
>Massachusetts, today. It's a Special place. i reccommend that, if you can
>make it there, you plan a summer 'program' with your Children that includes
>reading 'Dr. Seuss' [T. S. Geisel's] works =with= them, and then taking the
>trip to Springfield. it's at the Quadrangle, which includes Science and Art
>Museum's and an excellent city Library, so there's plenty to do.
>but go there to See your, and your Children's, Reading-Stuff in 3-D.
>comes 'alive'... i went there, today, and the place is overflowing with
>Geisel's Gift-Stuff. really 'tugs' at the 'heart'.
>"Because a person's a person, no matter how small." [from _Horton Hears a
>Who_, by Dr. Seuss.]
>and _Oh, The Places You'll See_ [TSG]... as your nervous systems knit it
>your Love for your Children.
>your delight in their Reading.
>and the 'Fire' Dr. Seuss puts-right-in-there.
>5'll happen.
>"(98 and 3/4 percent guaranteed") [ibid]
>k. p. collins

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