Nicotine Kills Brain Cells

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Sat Jun 1 20:51:15 EST 2002

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> Smokers seem to me very different from non-smokers in many behaviors aside
> from the smoking, itself.  Do we really know that the addictive behavioral
> response, itself, might not cause a decrease in neurons and neuron activity,
> regardless of the type of addiction?  Self administering is the key that has
> me thinking more about the addiction issue than the nicotine itself.  Might
> smokers by predisposed to addictive behaviors that make it difficult to see
> the difference?

Yes, I second that.  I find that I act differently when I am not
smoking.  It is very had to notice when I am smoking all the time
though...  I think smoking -reinforces- addictive behaviours, more
than people already being predisposed towards them.  I feel much more
patient without them, something I'm learning to appriciate more and
more.  IMO, smoking "addiction" is a much more underestimated dilema
compared to the negative health effects which can be found everywhere.

I don't know about behavioral process, and whether it has more impact
than the nicotine itself.  Addiction is a ritual, cigarettes
especially, and I've noticed that when I'm on the gum, and the ritual
has changed, I feel different and I still crave cigarettes even though
I am recieving my fix.

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