A Beautiful Schizophrenia [was: Re: AI Eureka!]

John Schilling schillin at spock.usc.edu
Sun Jun 2 12:52:07 EST 2002

stremler at rohan.sdsu.edu writes:

>In alt.folklore.computers Joel Garry <joel-garry at nospam.cox.net> wrote:
>> stabbed a 12 year old girl to death without waking anybody else.  So they
>> arrested the middle class brother and his friends because they were into
>> those violent video games, found a knife under the bed of one just like
>> the one in the murder, and got them to confess.

>"Got them to"? What, was there torture?

>> A year later the kids were released because the defense had the schizo's
>> clothes tested and found the girls blood on it.  Now the boys are suing.

>I hear stories like this and I just wonder what people are thinking when
>they admit to heinous crimes that they (allegedly) didn't do.

"If I tell the mean policeman what he wants to hear, he will let me go
to the bathroom and then take a nap."

There are well-established techniques for rendering people incapable
of rational thought, and not all of them leave physical scars.  This
is why we have Miranda rights, and why smart people *always* exercise

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