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>over 'time', nervous systems less-capable of
>adapting to environmental conditions that vary, whether because of in-place
>natural phenomena, of because host organisms migrate, will 'compete'
>unfavorably, leaving the one Human-species Geometry that optimizes
>adaptation-capacity. don't be 'confused' here, with respect to
>intergenerational "biological mass" stuff [AoK, Ap5]. adaptation capacity
>not a function of accumulated experience. it's a function of the neural
i Apologize for leaving so much implicit.
be-cause the TD E/I-minimization mechanisms are always active, biological
mass, which is exactly analogous to "mass" in Physics [it's the same stuff,
really, except with respect to neural dynamics, behavior, affect, cognition,
etc.], is =integrated= within the neural topology. within the one IFR
after it gains its Existence within the one IFR Geometry, it's all 'just'
Geometry. it acts, and is activated upon, =solely= in terms of TD E/I.
so adaptation always occurs as a function of the nerual topology.
it's a seemingly-subtle distinction, but it's actually Huge, because, within
limits that shrink with age, behavioral inertia can be reined-in,
eliminated, and 'reversed', while everything pertaining to it [affect],
etc.] remain aligned. [see "inversion", AoK, Ap4, 7, 8].
there are three 'caveats'.
the first 'caveat' is that "inversion" carries one through the "zone of
randomness" ["ZoR"; AoK, Ap4]. TD E/I always increases, strongly, when a
nervous system passes through the ZoR. [the ZoR isn't a 'place'. it's a
mathematical function. a function in the one IFR Geometry. it's a 'state' of
neural activation in which activation becomes relatively-random
[stochastic]]. this activates the TD E/I-minimization mechanisms, with
strength commensurate with TD E/I, as nervous systems 'strive' to forstall
"rendering useless" [AoK, Ap5, 7, 8] in a 'blindly'-automated 'effort' to
preserve the existing information-base [accumulated biological mass]. all of
this occurs as a 'blindly'-automated function of the neural topology.
the 2nd 'caveat' is that 'inversion' entails information-processing Work.
the more-'familiar' this or that is, the greater is its correlated
"biological mass", and the more information-processing Work must be done to
"invert" with respect to it. absent NDT's understanding, to degree
commensurate with biological mass, the neural topology tends to 'move away
from' doing such information-processing Work. [see the discussion of the
"volitional diminishing-returns decision", AoK, Ap7.]
the whole 'point' of NDT is to 1., describe how nervous systems process
information so that 2., folks can have Reason to do the Work inherent in
Choosing [se "the mechanism of volition"; AoK, Ap7] to stop Ravaging
themselves, and others. the whole purpose of NDT is to demonstrate how all
of this is Possible. the premise of the purpose being that, if folks can See
that it's Possible, they'll do-it.

the 3rd 'caveat' occurs solely as a function of the information-processing
capacities of individual nervous systems. it is that, there's only so much
stuff within any given nervous system that can be "whittled" [AoK, Ap5], and
TD E/I-minimization always entails such 'trimming-away' of 'extraneous'
neural dynamics.

as an individual ages, biological mass accumulates, and there's less and
less 'raw-materials' stuff  that can be "whittled".

this's =why= "Death" is =Necessary=.

"death" is Nature's way of getting nervous systems, drained of their
capacities to achieve TD E/I-minimization, 'out-of-the-way' of nervous
systems still-possessing TD E/I-minimization capacities.

evolutionary dynamics could easily produce 'bodies' that replenish their
cellular structure indefinitely.

but that's be Useless be-cause evolutionary dynamics cannot achieve
indefinite replenishment of the neural topology. this is be-cause the neural
topology 'contains' the biological mass that imparts behavioral inertia. so,
if the neural topology were to be 'replenished' that'd 'erase' the
biological mass and behavioral inertia would dis-integrate, which is the
essence of TD E/I(up).

in other words, evolutionary dynamics cannot impart Knowledge to a system.
they can only imbue a system with the capacity for acquiring Knowledge [and
they have done so Brilliantly]. as is briefly discussed in AoK, Ap1,
Knowledge accumulates, intergenerationally, through Adults' "inducing"
'learning' within Childrens' nervous systems. depleted-TD
E/I-minimization-capacity nervous systems 'pouring-into' large-TD
E/I-minimization-capacity nervous systems. the metaphor is almost literal.
["the water of life, flowing like rivers".]

it's the way of physical reality which, in its entirety, is Governed by the
one-way flow of energy from order to dis-order that is what's described by
2nd Thermo [WDB2T].

the information-processing power of nervous systems derives in the fact that
they internalize the Rule which rigorously governs physical reality.
evolutionary dynamics might come up with a nervous system design that could
'replenish' itself, but that nervous system design would be incapable of
'learning' in rigorous accord with physical reality. [which is also why
there can be just =one= IFR Geometry.] such nervous systems would be "out of
touch with reality".

so, it's for us to =DO= the Work inherent in being Alive, "Teach the
Children Well" [The Grateful Dead], and Die in the Knowledge that we've
helped the World become a Better-Place, Grateful for not having wasted our
Precious Life-Stuff, be-cause we understand that "no one puts new wine in
old wineskins."

there's nothing 'sad' about the Necessity of Death.

what's Sad is that 'the beast', Abstract Ignorance, sucks the Life-Stuff out
of nervous systems that still have huge quantities of information-processing
capacity extent within them. 'death', having  'lived' 'two'-briefly.

anyway, there's no 'magic' in the way that "NDT's understanding"
changes-everything. how it happens is explained in AoK, particularly in Ap7.
the "meta" 'states' gain their Existence as 'just' more biological mass.

there's no 'magic' in-it.

'just' understanding, having attained Existence in the stuff of the neural
topology... in the stuff of the one IFR Geometry., removing the
'blind'-automation stuff., in the process, transforming everything.

TD E/I(down) to you and yours.

in other words... Peace.

K. P. Collins [ken]

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