adaptability and behaviroal inertia

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>i smiled when i read your "Alzheimer's " article, _NYT_, Sun., 2002-06-02,
>i realized, almost immediately after posting the excerpt quoted below, that
>i'd given its stuff short-shrift.
>i was meaning to get to it earlier than this, but the hedges needed
>and then the toilet went south. i ended up rebuilding it's entire "guts",
>having to improvise tools because most of my Father's tools are locked-up
>(i'm good at knowing what to do when things're locked-up :-)
>anyway, when will i finally get to meet you?
>ken [k. p. collins]
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>>over 'time', nervous systems less-capable of
>>adapting to environmental conditions that vary, whether because of
>>natural phenomena, of because host organisms migrate, will 'compete'
>>unfavorably, leaving the one Human-species Geometry that optimizes
>>adaptation-capacity. don't be 'confused' here, with respect to
>>intergenerational "biological mass" stuff [AoK, Ap5]. adaptation capacity
>>not a function of accumulated experience. it's a function of the neural
>i Apologize for leaving so much implicit.
>be-cause the TD E/I-minimization mechanisms are always active, biological
>mass, which is exactly analogous to "mass" in Physics [it's the same stuff,
>really, except with respect to neural dynamics, behavior, affect,
>etc.], is =integrated= within the neural topology. within the one IFR
>after it gains its Existence within the one IFR Geometry, it's all 'just'
>Geometry. it acts, and is activated upon, =solely= in terms of TD E/I.
>so adaptation always occurs as a function of the nerual topology.
>it's a seemingly-subtle distinction, but it's actually Huge, because,
>limits that shrink with age, behavioral inertia can be reined-in,
>eliminated, and 'reversed', while everything pertaining to it [affect],
>etc.] remain aligned. [see "inversion", AoK, Ap4, 7, 8].
>there are three 'caveats'.
>the first 'caveat' is that "inversion" carries one through the "zone of
>randomness" ["ZoR"; AoK, Ap4]. TD E/I always increases, strongly, when a
>nervous system passes through the ZoR. [the ZoR isn't a 'place'. it's a
>mathematical function. a function in the one IFR Geometry. it's a 'state'
>neural activation in which activation becomes relatively-random
>[stochastic]]. this activates the TD E/I-minimization mechanisms, with
>strength commensurate with TD E/I, as nervous systems 'strive' to forstall
>"rendering useless" [AoK, Ap5, 7, 8] in a 'blindly'-automated 'effort' to
>preserve the existing information-base [accumulated biological mass]. all
>this occurs as a 'blindly'-automated function of the neural topology.
>the 2nd 'caveat' is that 'inversion' entails information-processing Work.
>the more-'familiar' this or that is, the greater is its correlated
>"biological mass", and the more information-processing Work must be done to
>"invert" with respect to it. absent NDT's understanding, to degree
>commensurate with biological mass, the neural topology tends to 'move away
>from' doing such information-processing Work. [see the discussion of the
>"volitional diminishing-returns decision", AoK, Ap7.]
>the whole 'point' of NDT is to 1., describe how nervous systems process
>information so that 2., folks can have Reason to do the Work inherent in
>Choosing [se "the mechanism of volition"; AoK, Ap7] to stop Ravaging
>themselves, and others. the whole purpose of NDT is to demonstrate how all
>of this is Possible. the premise of the purpose being that, if folks can
>that it's Possible, they'll do-it.
>the 3rd 'caveat' occurs solely as a function of the information-processing
>capacities of individual nervous systems. it is that, there's only so much
>stuff within any given nervous system that can be "whittled" [AoK, Ap5],
>TD E/I-minimization always entails such 'trimming-away' of 'extraneous'
>neural dynamics.
>as an individual ages, biological mass accumulates, and there's less and
>less 'raw-materials' stuff  that can be "whittled".
>this's =why= "Death" is =Necessary=.
>"death" is Nature's way of getting nervous systems, drained of their
>capacities to achieve TD E/I-minimization, 'out-of-the-way' of nervous
>systems still-possessing TD E/I-minimization capacities.
>evolutionary dynamics could easily produce 'bodies' that replenish their
>cellular structure indefinitely.
>but that's be Useless be-cause evolutionary dynamics cannot achieve
>indefinite replenishment of the neural topology. this is be-cause the
>topology 'contains' the biological mass that imparts behavioral inertia.
>if the neural topology were to be 'replenished' that'd 'erase' the
>biological mass and behavioral inertia would dis-integrate, which is the
>essence of TD E/I(up).
>in other words, evolutionary dynamics cannot impart Knowledge to a system.
>they can only imbue a system with the capacity for acquiring Knowledge [and
>they have done so Brilliantly]. as is briefly discussed in AoK, Ap1,
>Knowledge accumulates, intergenerationally, through Adults' "inducing"
>'learning' within Childrens' nervous systems. depleted-TD
>E/I-minimization-capacity nervous systems 'pouring-into' large-TD
>E/I-minimization-capacity nervous systems. the metaphor is almost literal.
>["the water of life, flowing like rivers".]
>it's the way of physical reality which, in its entirety, is Governed by the
>one-way flow of energy from order to dis-order that is what's described by
>2nd Thermo [WDB2T].
>the information-processing power of nervous systems derives in the fact
>they internalize the Rule which rigorously governs physical reality.
>evolutionary dynamics might come up with a nervous system design that could
>'replenish' itself, but that nervous system design would be incapable of
>'learning' in rigorous accord with physical reality. [which is also why
>there can be just =one= IFR Geometry.] such nervous systems would be "out
>touch with reality".
>so, it's for us to =DO= the Work inherent in being Alive, "Teach the
>Children Well" [The Grateful Dead], and Die in the Knowledge that we've
>helped the World become a Better-Place, Grateful for not having wasted our
>Precious Life-Stuff, be-cause we understand that "no one puts new wine in
>old wineskins."
>there's nothing 'sad' about the Necessity of Death.
>what's Sad is that 'the beast', Abstract Ignorance, sucks the Life-Stuff
>of nervous systems that still have huge quantities of
>capacity extent within them. 'death', having  'lived' 'two'-briefly.
>anyway, there's no 'magic' in the way that "NDT's understanding"
>changes-everything. how it happens is explained in AoK, particularly in
>the "meta" 'states' gain their Existence as 'just' more biological mass.
>there's no 'magic' in-it.
>'just' understanding, having attained Existence in the stuff of the neural
>topology... in the stuff of the one IFR Geometry., removing the
>'blind'-automation stuff., in the process, transforming everything.
>TD E/I(down) to you and yours.
>in other words... Peace.
>K. P. Collins [ken]

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