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Tue Jun 4 03:09:47 EST 2002

"Drastic Diet", reported by Ned Potter:

quoting from the article: "Nobody is sure just why calorie restriction
lengthens animals' lives in the lab."


"'People who are on these calorie-restricted diets report that they're cold,
because their body temperature drops; they have a reduced sex drive, and
they can't enjoy a good meal with friends,' said Guarente."

these deficits occur be-cause the overall Thermodynamic that is "Life" has
'slowed-down', in the same way a steam engine slows down when the
temperature of its boiler is decreased. less energy in, less horse-power
out, but the parts deteriorate more-slowly.

the problem with 'drastically-reduced diets' is that Life lived with reduced
mental 'horse-power' is not 'rewarding'. live long and don't prosper,
be-cause you've insufficient expendable energy with which to 'climb' the
WDB2T gradient [which is the extreme Tragic case of those who, even now,
Suffer Famine in Africa... so weakened by extended energy deficits that they
cannot fight drought, etc., to produce the energy ['food'] their bodies

the 'happy medium' is to restrict =fat= intake, and take calories as the
work one does demands.

anyway, seeing things in terms of Thermodynamics removes the 'mystery'.

"He says there may be better ways — perhaps a medication people could
someday take to slow the aging process the same way it appears diet does."

example: When Pasteur Discovered Penicillin, he introduced a 'walking-
stick' that can be used Humanity-wide, during the 'climb' of the WDB2T

the result was an increase in Life-expectancy.

but it's all the =one= Thermodynamic.

interacted-with more-efficiently.

anything that will increase Life-expectancy will do the same.

it's what "NDT's understanding" does with respect to nervous system

and i do expect that, when "NDT's understanding" is commonly-held, in
an at-least-the-gist-of-it way, that will increase Life-expectancy

the one Thermodynamic will be interacted-with more efficiently.

the energy-metering will tell.

k. p. collins

Kenneth Collins wrote in message
<_oFK8.19422$LC3.1421853 at>...
>the 3rd 'caveat' occurs solely as a function of the information-processing
>capacities of individual nervous systems. it is that, there's only so much
>stuff within any given nervous system that can be "whittled" [AoK, Ap5],
>TD E/I-minimization always entails such 'trimming-away' of 'extraneous'
>neural dynamics.
>as an individual ages, biological mass accumulates, and there's less and
>less 'raw-materials' stuff  that can be "whittled".
>this's =why= "Death" is =Necessary=.

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