firing rate - CORRECTION [double-negative removed]

Kenneth Collins k.p.collins at
Tue Jun 4 04:20:22 EST 2002

'you' know... "pre-empt" via promulgation...

...of understanding.


increases Life-expectancy Humanity-wide, be-cause it augments the efficiency
of Living.

what's more, there's Joy to be experienced, built-right-in, by the
Evolutionary 'Engineer'.

absent understanding, all this Good-Stuff goes-to-waste.

'war' is an inefficient way of 'striving to achieve' Peace.

'war' 'resolves' things through the Wasting of what-could've-been.

'war' resolves things by leaving Humanity Exhausted.

'war' is the 'blindly'-automated way of 'the beast', Abstract Ignorance.

k. p. collins

Kenneth Collins wrote in message ...
>and i do expect that, when "NDT's understanding" is commonly-held, in
>an at-least-the-gist-of-it way, that will increase Life-expectancy
>the one Thermodynamic will be interacted-with more efficiently.
>the energy-metering will tell.

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