A Beautiful Schizophrenia [was: Re: AI Eureka!]

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Tue Jun 4 23:50:29 EST 2002

stremler at rohan.sdsu.edu wrote:
> In alt.folklore.computers Joel Garry <joel-garry at nospam.cox.net> wrote:
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> > stabbed a 12 year old girl to death without waking anybody else.  So they
> > arrested the middle class brother and his friends because they were into
> > those violent video games, found a knife under the bed of one just like
> > the one in the murder, and got them to confess.
> "Got them to"? What, was there torture?

There's usually psychological torture involved.
> > A year later the kids were released because the defense had the schizo's
> > clothes tested and found the girls blood on it.  Now the boys are suing.
> I hear stories like this and I just wonder what people are thinking when
> they admit to heinous crimes that they (allegedly) didn't do.

What, aren't "NYPD Blue" or "Law and Order" available in your area?
Such shows dramatize this sort of thing all the time, so even someone
with your lack of imagination and insight should have a clue.

> Perhaps "they" are right -- video games do have a detrimental impact
> on youth: it makes 'em stupid.

What's your excuse?

<J Q B>

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