A Beautiful Schizophrenia [was: Re: AI Eureka!]

J Ahlstrom jahlstro at cisco.com
Wed Jun 5 15:42:25 EST 2002

jqp wrote:

> it implies that, if the number of
> > > convictions is held constant, then the ratio of innocent to guilty
> > > among the convicted cannot be changed -- we might as well have a quota
> > > for the numnber of convictions, and pick who gets convicted randomly.
> > > That would certainly reduce the cost of the court  system.
Seems to me
it implies that if the moon is made out
of green cheese, then Antarctica is covered
with Kool-Whip.

Troll, troll, troll your boat.


The fastest way to succeed is to
double your failure rate."
                    —Thomas J. Watson, Sr.

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