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> To me consciousness seems more likely to be describable as a sort of
> "information", for which there are many very precise definitions, or
> "complexity", for which there are none as far as I know.

Are there none and is there a niche in the market!  :->

> Information, as defined by Shannon, is like entropy (actually it's
> literally the difference between two entropies). It doesn't need to be
> conserved, but it can't ever get past a certain upper bound (the
> bigger of the two entropies), and in general it keeps getting smaller
> as it's transferred from place to place (whereas entropy keeps getting
> bigger).

Yes; That seems to me a much more fruitful sort of path..
(I'll read  up on Shannon...)

> This doesn't really describe consciousness, or provide an answer to
> where your consciousness goes when you're asleep (or dead)

Consciousness is like an algebra equation with too many variables.

x + y =42  find x and y

I wonder if someone will get a real foot in the door in our lifetime!

Is there a jounal that is relevant to this topic


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