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The Proof of FLT is quite simple.

"Among Fermat's cherished Latin translations of ancient texts was a book
called _Arithmetica_, written by the Greek mathematician Diophantus who
lived in the third century A.D. Around 1627, Fermat wrote in Latin in the
margin of his Diophantus, next to a problem on breaking down a squared
number into two squares:

'On the other hand, it is impossible to separate a cube into two cubes, or a
byquadrate into two biquadrates, or generally any power except a square into
two powers with the same exponent. I have discovered a truly marvelous proof
of this, which, however, the margin is not large enough to contain.'"
[_Fermat's Last Theorem_, by A. D. Aczel, [c] 1996, ISBN0-385-31946-0, p9]

Fermat's Last Theorem: x^n + y^n = z^n has no whole number solution where n
is greater than 2." [ibid, pviii.]

1. when n=2, the equation restates the Pythagorean Theorem, in which z^2
forms the hypotenuse of a right triangle.

2. the Pythagoreans verified that, when n>2, the hypotenuse of a right
triangle is Incommensurable. there exist no unit measures other than 1 and
2, all the way out to infinity, that can measure the lengths sides of the
triangle and the length of its hypotenuse.

3. integers are discrete.

4. it follows from integer-discreteness and infinitely-rigorous Pythagorean
incommensurability, that if n=2 works, then no integer >2 can work in the
Fermat equation. [1 'works' because any number raised to the 1-power is just
the original number, so the equation becomes non-exponent-ed [x + y = z],
which isn't the equation of FLT.]

i believe that this simple Proof is a good candidate for what was in
Fermat's mind when he wrote the problem in the margin of the book he was

i'd stated it [using other words; "a square is a square..."]] before reading
the Author's article. After reading the article, i wrote a program that did
a numerical analysis. the program verified that all integers >2 behave
asymptotically re. the Fermat equation. this asymptotic stuff reiterates

other matter: if folks want to get a handle on all the data that's been
'slipping-through' [FBI, CIA, NSA], its meaning undetected, and
unintegrated. i'll be happy to show [those folks] how to build a system that
can do the Integration and present its integrated-meaning in a way that's
accessible in 'real-time' [with respect to putting the info in].

other, other matter:

both the Middle East and 'South Asia' have existed in inwardly-spiralling
dynamics [AoK, Ap8] since 1947.

55-years of Proof that turning-a-'blindly'-automated-eye on what Needs to be
done doesn't work.

what to do?

Honor Truth...

...instead of trying to coerce merely-familiar stuff.

there's been so much that's been tacitly 'out-lawed' with respect to

how can that which is not experienced gain biological mass which enables

'withhold' Truth, and the 'absence'-of-Truth Dictates events.

the problem with that is all nervous systems respond to 'absence'-of-Truth
in =one= way.

they 'blindly', and automatically, 'move away from' it.

all nervous systems do this, unfailingly. ["I know well what I am fleeing,
but not what I am in search of. Michel de Montaigne].

so the thing to do is Honor Truth.

so that Truth can be 'moved-toward', deliberately.

so that experience is gained with respect to Truth, rather than

instead of all this zig-zag-Tragedy stuff that nervous systems, relegated to
'absence'-of-Truth, nevertheless, unfailingly do.

i'm 'tired' as i write this. i've done the best thing i can do, and the more
i do it, the more folks in-control 'move-away-from'.

it's a personally-relevant version of the Middle East's and South Asia's
Tragic, inward-spiral, stuff.

so i Know its stuff, and its wellspring, intimately.

it's 'hilarious'.

the gist of it is that i'll not be allowed out of my 'cage' because i'll say
and do what needs to be said and done :-)

there's the Problem.

is there anyone, anywhere, who cannot See the Consequences which follow
leaving what needs to be said, unsaid, what needs to be done, undone?

yet, it's all 'silence'; all inaction.

except for the zig-zag stuff, zig-sagging all over the place.

ever more rapidly.

as things spiral-inward.

into the zone of randomness [AoK, Ap4].

it's the way to take Humanity's 'temperature'... the zig-zagginess'


TD E/I(up).


'monitor' =that=.

Honor Truth before it's 'two' late.

k. p. collins [born in 1947, too.]

Kenneth Collins wrote in message ...
>i write 'to the Author', only occasionally, because an article of hers
>stimmed the stuff of my Proof of Fermat's Last Theorem. and i'm Grateful.

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