collateral circulation

Deborah Chapman Dchapman at
Wed Jun 5 22:45:35 EST 2002

In a few weeks I will have about 13 Platunum coils placed in a 30mm aneurysm
in my RICA, a minimal neck is there, but more fusiform.

If  he (my neurosurgeon)  has to place a silicone ballon to block the R ICA,
We found a 12% decrease in perfusion the right posterior area of my brain.
As a ICU Nurse I am greatly concerned about a stroke (Im 37).

My question is, if that is occluded, how long will it take for collateral
flow and is there anything I can do to increase my ability to make them grow
"faster".  ??

This genetic for me, about 15 of us have cerebral Aneurysm or severe
vascular disease, but otherwise healthy.  I run, weight lift, good health
(well, until now!!)
Any input is welcome.
dchapman at

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