Mid-East Analysis

Kenneth Collins k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Thu Jun 6 04:33:54 EST 2002

my analysis re. the bombings in the Middle East:

they're 'blindly'-automated. that is, they're occurring as a function of
long-term TD E/I(up).

answer, please [to yourself]: why does the long-term TD E/I(up) exist?

there are several of organizing 'rationales':

1. committing 'suicide' has come to be correlated with
Honored-Remembrance... within a culture in which Humiliation is a 'norm'.
it's the latter that transforms the former into an 'acceptable' thing.

answer, please [to yourself]: who controls this determining
'transformation'? [who controls the underpinning TD E/I?]

2. there's a 'pay-off' in each instance of 'reprisal'. to comprehend such,
one must understand the dynamics of "inversion" [AoK, Ap4, 8]. inducing
'reprisals' tends, strongly, to 'confirm' the "inverted" world-view.

2a. with each 'reprisal', the 'pay-off' for the bombers includes augmenting
'empathy' on the parts of 3rd parties who share familiar stuff. the
'strategic' purpose of the bombings is to focus such 'empathy' into a
unified whole.

2a1. the 'reprisals' augment such unification.

3. the dynamics are those of an augmenting "inward spiral" [AoK, Ap8]. [all
augmenting inward spiral dynamics require 'partners' in their sustaining...
like a 'see-saw' needs two people. if one 'partner' refuses to participate,
the dynamics tend to extinguish. [the Problem, here, is that 'participation'
is, most-often, 'Invisible. see the end of this discussion.]]

3a. the 'reprisals' prevent the Horror of the bombings from 'registering' in
3rd-parties' nervous systems ['minds'], thereby, 'sanctioning' the bombings
[remember, the bombers are "inverted". to them, what's 'bad' is 'good',
be-cause they exist on the 'other-side' of the "zone of randomness" [AoK,
Ap4]. it's all 'just' TD E/I within the one Internal-Frame-of-Reference
[IFR] Geometry. when individuals "invert", affective-alignment "inverts",


1. organize across populations with respect to 3., below.

2. Resist 'reprisals'.

3. let the bombings hang-in-the-air, fully-publicized, so that it's the
bombers who bear the Relation-to-Humanity-Consequences of their actions; who
are seen as the ones who strike-out against Humanity.

i'm not saying this is 'easy'. obviously, it isn't ["turning the other
cheek" never is.] i'm saying it'll work.

as things stand, violence is 'validating' violence, and there's no 'place'
upon which anyone who stands-against violence can, in fact, stand.

Humanity =must= create that 'place', so it can, then, have that 'place' in
which to Stand-Against-Violence.

a 'place' from which to Declare Violence as Evil.

as things stand, in terms of abstract TD E/I, there's 'evil' all over the
place, and, within the Humanity-wide one IFR Geometry, no direction can
show-itself as being Correct.

i'm not saying it's 'easy'.

i'm not saying 'just-do-it'.



organize, world-wide.

=then= do-it.

and, when violence happens, everyone join-in to condemn it, and to nurture
its Victims, and to =Honor= their refusal to respond in-kind.

let those who Honor Humanity receive the 'Glory' due those who Honor

let those who Dishonor Humanity be Reviled.

all such amounts to is a Declaration of Truth.

an Honoring of Truth.

as things stand, all there is is a Dishonoring of Truth, because =everyone=
is Killing.

given such, how can folks converge upon Truth that Killing has no 'place'
within Human interactive dynamics?

how, when everywhere one looks, there's Killing?

to out-law Killing, there first, has to be the 'place' in which Humanity can
stand in firm-Knowledge that Killing has no 'place' within Human interactive

then, and only then, will the Direction show itself.

i write, 'fearing' that no one will be able to understand, but this is The

"Turn the other cheek."

let those who Hate bear the Burden of their Hatred.

let the rest of Humanity draw itself together to do the "inverted" thing.





or, does anyone 'think' Love 'is for wimps'?

'reprisals' 'feed the beast'.

then folks 'wonder' why 'the beast' is strong?

no 'wonder'.

i'm not saying it's 'easy'.

i'm just saying we can organize Humanity-wide to Revile-Killing. =not= under
threat of violence. under the Promise that Violence, and those who rely in
it, will be Recognized, Declared-Unfit, and Cast-Out of Humanity's embrace.

let the name of Violence be "Shame!"

then, the Power of our Humanity-wide Loving-Cry will outstrip the 'power' of

and, from our 'place', in which Truth resides, the Direction shall be
Visible to any who'll but look-and-See.

what's the alternative?

perpetuation of the augmenting inward-spiral.

in our 'time', such has only one possible End-Point.

it wasn't always the case.

but Humanity has arrived at the 'point' at which, if the global augmenting
inward-spiral is allowed its existence, there is only one possible

the Decision is 'easy' from the view of this 'point'.

there's a two-fold 'catch', though.

the long-term TD E/I(up) does not exist via 'happenstance'.

it's been Actively-Constructed, by the most-often 'Invisible' 'partners' who
turn a 'blind' eye to the development of long-term TD E/I(up) within groups
of 'others'.

there are no 'magic-wands' that can be 'waved' to 'disappear' long-term TD

it must be =Actively= Deconstructed.

it cannot be that whole populations are allowed to languish.

when Violence is Renounced, Educate.

give a hand-up.

share experience.

Honor striving through supportive Action.

leave no one, who 'moves away from' Violence, behind.

level the Global-Community's field of endeavor.

the 2nd 'fold' of the 'catch' is the thing that has undone all efforts at
Peace to-date.

it is that "inverted" populations =must= 'travel' through the "zone of
randomness" [ZOR; AoK, Ap4] if they are to "invert" back to the embrace of

the problem here is that TD E/I tends to increase 'wildly' when nervous
systems pass through the ZOR.

this means that, even as folks're endeavoring to 'travel' to Love, the
increased TD E/I that they'll experience will tend to shorten their
'reaction-times', etc. [it's all discussed in AoK, Ap5] before the Violence
can be eliminated.

so, just when things are starting to work, folks 'panic' because of all this
'blindly'-automated stuff, 'think' those transitioning have 'betrayed the
Agreement', and, so, return to resort to Violence, just when Love is
most-Necessary. [Same-Stuff happens among individuals, BTW.]

so, before folks can expect not to have to 'take it on the chin', folks've
got to 'take it on the chin', more-intensely.

and that's where efforts to attain Peace have always failed in the past.

perhaps folks can understand my over-the-years 'Desperation'?

through the 'lens' of "NDT's understanding", all this was Visible.

Knew the Necessity.

it'd all be so much 'easier' if the understanding was out-there, having
biological mass [AoK, Ap5] within folks' nervous systems.

why not come-together to present understanding's Gift-stuff, now... today?

want Proof of the Possibility?

Jesus did none of the Unloving stuff, and all of the Loving-Stuff, above.

to Love is not for 'wimps'.

but it's in-Love that the =only= Future Humanity can Hope for Exists.

We =Can= Love.

K. P. Collins

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