A Beautiful Schizophrenia [was: Re: AI Eureka!]

George george_at_cap at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 6 13:20:19 EST 2002

Jim Balter wrote:

> Richard Steiner wrote:
> >
> > Here in alt.folklore.computers,
> > Jim Balter <jqb at exodus.net> spake unto us, saying:
> >
> > >I'm not "in" alt.folklore.computers.  Perhaps if Mr. Gibbs
> > >spent less time dealing in folklore, he might learn how
> > >usenet works.
> >
> > Since this thread is crossposted to four different groups, and since
> > your attibution line doesn't bother to mention which group you're
> > seeing this in, it's rather hard to tell whether you're participating
> > in a.f.c directly or not.
> I am of course aware of that, but unlike Mr. Gibbs I won't
> killfile you for pointing it out (and then blame
> "how far we've fallen" for my own intolerance).
> It's unfortunate that there's no header that notes the group you're
> reading/subscribed to when you post; if there were, I think we would
> see a lot more people setting followup-to to the "originating" group.
> --
> <J Q B>

That would be discrimination, a thread deserves to be complete for
clarity, even if started by a crossposter. All crossposters are idiots
either way as they lack judgment that what always follows are a lot of
confusions. It can be interesting to watch different cultures collide


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