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one more thing... i'm dealing with the 'strangeness' inherent in having
shared True-Wonder stuff, with the only 'result' being that, the more i
share, the aloner i get.

doesn't compute.

then there's the Seriousness of the work. its ramifications with respect to
the survival of Humanity. it's present extreme usefulness, juxtaposed
against the 'silence'.

then there's the shear volume of the details of NDT & TH. each rewrites all
of their correlated Science. why begin such detailed expositions when it's
not clear that there'd be any purpose in doing such?

then there're all the 'times' my machine's been hacked-into, all the 'times'
my apartments have been broken-into, papers distributed, letters sent,
telephone calls made, juxtaposed against the 'silence'.

then there're all the instances of msgs i've posted 'disappearing' before i
can even read them after posting them, including their being 'disappeared'
from my 'Sent' folder.

then there's a =lot= of other stuff.

i don't care about 'asigning-blame' with respect to any of this stuff [waste
of energy], but how can i not See the 'strangeness' in-it, 'wonder' why it's
been so, and be 'on-Guard' with respect to it all?

then, i've Responsibility to work to assure Honorable use of the

but, mostly, it's having put True-Wonder stuff out-there, the result being
'incommensurate' with what's in the stuff.

everyone 'thinks' i'm 'being' this or that.

but what it is is that the result is too 'strange', and i want to be able to
see beyond the 'strangeness' before i 'let my guard down'.

my experience has been indistinguishable from that of one 'enslaved',
'locked-away', with all my communications being 'intercepted' and their
stuff usurped.

what i write is 'calculated' to meet this possibility Responsibly, while
striving to 'break-through'.

i've discussed about 10% of the work i've done, 'waiting' to feel 'safe' in
discussing the rest of it.

it's just too 'strange' that, although i've asked for presentation
opportunities, none have been forthcoming.

leaves me unable to Believe that i'm actually reaching an Open community.
it's part of "The Way that I Am"... it's not in-me to imagine folks
unwilling to do Science. it's a Choice. i refuse to attribute such to folks.

and i want the work not to be ab-used.

folks who held it 'in-secret' could do 'two' much Harm.

so, i do what i 'calculate' is OK to do, while 'waiting' for someone to say,
"Come to our place. We'll do Science with you."

if the place is Honorable, i'll go-there.

i'm Sorry, but that's what it comes down to.

it's not self-censorship.

it's just being Responsible with respect to what's in the Science.

[what i've shared is sufficient for folks to understand what's important
with respect to the survival of Humanity [and probably to recreate the
rest]. i've Honored my Obligation in that way, which is what i was saying
when i said it's all been discussed online. it's just that the 'refusal' to
do Science, Openly, that i've encountered is something that revulses my
spirit. i want not to participate in-it, or dictated-to by it.]

the other thing is i'm 'poor'-ed-out. i've given all of my personal
resources to doing the Science. i've nothing left with which to do a
'pretty' ms., even if the 'strangeness' derives in 'innocent' stuff like
folks being unable to recognize what's in the work, or folks, now, being
'embarassed' because of what's gone-on before, so, now, folks feels they
"can't" acknowledge the work [it's why i wrote of the Terrorists Murdering

if that's the case, i'd like folks to Know that they need feel no such stuff
on my account. i Live in Accord with AoK's Epilogue [although i understand
it, most-often, doesn't seem so, but, when that 'seems-to-be' the case,  i'm
only Guarding against ab-use of the understanding, or stuff that threatens
its existence.]

anyway, all things considered, i long-ago Resolved that the Science needs to
be discussed in-person, at a chauldboard.

what i do online is 'search' for such an opportunity.

i'm aware that doing what i do enables 'borrowers'.

i can't withhold the Science, and i've not.

it's just that my Natural 'state' exists-in Honoring Truth.

when it's 'not-possible' to just Honor Truth, all that's in-me Sees that
something's Amiss in-there.

hey, perhaps i'm the only one who can See the stuff.

if that's the case, then it's for me to look-on in Horror, but "Do no harm".

Given all of the above, tell me what it  is that i must do.

k. p. collins

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>i stand on what i posted.
>k. p. collins [still hoping to, one day, make it to Austrailia]
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>>> was done in Neuroscientific Duality Theory and Tapered Harmony... a
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>>> it's all been discussed online. seems to me that the work is being
>>It is being 'censored' by none other than Kenneth Collins himself!

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