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Fri Jun 7 14:04:31 EST 2002

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> ref1.. So  how much a file can be compressed is therefore a direct measure
> of complexity!

To clarify, how much a file -cannot- be compressed is an -approximate-
measure of Kolmogorov complexity. To get an idea for this, you should
actually try winzipping two text files. For example, one with a page
of actual english text (or french or whatever), and one with the same
number of characters, all exactly identical. This will work with image
compression too (try JPEGing one photograph and one blank white image
of the same pixel dimensions). Then compare the sizes of the
compressed files.

Note that the results of these tests will depend on the actual
algorithm used to do the compression, whereas Kolomogorov complexity
deals with the maximimum theoretically possible degree of compression.


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