Consciousness, New Thinking About

mat mats_trash at
Mon Jun 10 05:04:46 EST 2002

Traub and colleagues have done much of the detailed work on
physiological and epileptiform neural activity.  They published a
review in Annals of neurology (vol. 44 I think) not so long ago where
they compared normal hippocampal oscillatory activity to that induced
or recorded during seziures.  They found (and to a degree speculated)
that the neuronal synchrony observed during epilepsy is much less
precisely coordinated than that during normal activity.  Thus, they
argued, the population discharges seen in epilepsy are
'incomprehensible' to the brain and do not relate to an altered state
of consciousness (whatever that may be).  i.e. epileptiform activity
is non-functional activity which is why you get the clinical
manifestation of seizure.  Whether specific 'normal' neural activity
can precipitate epileptiform discharges I do not know.

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