The Need for Forgiveness

Kenneth Collins k.p.collins at
Mon Jun 10 22:32:59 EST 2002

there are some 'advantages' in the prevailing 'state' of 'silence'. i can
step up to the 'proverbial' "open mic" out in the 'dessert, and just 'talk'.
it's a 'soap box' in the midst of the daily hustle and bustle of folks
carrying-out their responsibilities.

but there's a Sinister element to it, 'two'.

it's the 'politics' of 'stalemate' that derive in everyone's devotion to the
pursuit of =their own= responsibilities.

upon initial 'consideration' of such, the most-probable reaction is, "Duh,
what else can be expected?"

the problem is that such 'consideration' doesn't plumb the depths of the
dynamics inherent, and the superficially 'invisible' result of this tends,
strongly, to be that dynamics that operate at-depth are allowed to determine
the course of events.

i see this sort of thing continually. i reach-out to Academicians,
Journalists and other Publishers, Politicians, Business folks, etc., and to
whomever it is that comes across anything i do online.

what always happens is the 'superficial' thing.

i come to where ever as an unknown entity; as merely-unfamiliar stuff having
merely-unfamiliar stuff in-hand, and the dynamics that unfold take the form
of whatever 'canned' behavioral propensities are, 'momentarily',  'closest
to the surface' of the folks with whom i interact.

most-often, such incorporates a characteristic set of things in which it's
'realized' that all the 'power' resides 'in the hands' of those to whom i
reach-out, and that 'realization' supplants any interchange of information
that might've transpired. this sort of thing is awe-inspiring in the way it
always happens 'instantaneously', like a switch has been thrown within the
nervous system of those who realize they "hold the 'power'" ["supersystem
configuration", AoK, Ap5]. i used to try to 'fight' this, but, after a
decade, or so, of 'fighting-it', i accepted that, when this 'switch' is
thrown, there is, in its 'moment', and there-abouts in the energy-flow, no
reversing it. it constitutes an interactive "inversion" [AoK, Ap4, 7, 8]
that 'signals' that the interactive dynamics have 'switched' from having any
semblance of information-exchange to being focussed solely upon 'winning'
the interactive 'transaction', and those to whom i've reached-out can't
listen to information. they can only monitor the the internal
"power-meter's" reading. [like everything that's discussed in AoK, the
dynamics of "inversion" occur along continua, 'each' of which is rigorously
correlated to overall TD E/I. in the dynamics i'm discussing, the
relatively-superficial "inversions" always assert unjustifiably-inordinate
'power' within the ongoing interactive dynamics, taking-over 'complete'
control, even though their stuff is tiny and superficial.]

anyway, what it comes down to is that such superficial [correlated with
relatively-small TD E/I] stuff determines the course of events, while the
stuff that occurs at-depth [correlated with relatively-large TD E/I],
goes-on, 'subconsciously', until its behavioral correlates precipitate
catastrophe ['walk out to cusp'; Rene Thom].

when the disaster inherent occurs, everyone 'wrings-their-hands', while
'gathering-together' to reach consensus that 'exonerates' everyone from
culpability with respect to the Tragedy that's unfolded in their midst. "No
one could have forseen, or prevented, this tragedy." [it's all explained in
AoK, see, in particular, Ap7.]

Truth is that =anyone= who just refused to "invert" superficially, as above,
could've initiated the larger dynamics that would've spread through the
population, thereby reducing the probability of things building-to

then, having 'realized' this, folks who conspire to redirect culpability do
exactly that, heaping superficiality upon superficiality, in a way that's
calculated [literally, as in AoK, Ap6], to 'swamp' information-processing
capacity within the population as a whole, the goal being to instantiate a
population-wide at-depth inversion.

the larger Tragedy, inherent, is that, once such 'blindly'-automated stuff
occurs, all touch with reality goes by the wayside of behavioral dynamics.
the "false finitization" [AoK, Ap4], inherent, has 'taken on a life of its
own'. it supplants that which needs to be done.

superficiality replacing Substance.

at their superficial 'level', i've witnessed this set of dynamics occurring
hundreds of thousands of 'times', and commensurately-infrequently, at the
'levels' of augmenting population-wide [this or that sub-group] TD E/I,
until, at the highest-'level' of population-wide TD E/I [all of Humanity],
things exist on the verge of catastrophe.

in their 'blind'-automation, juxtaposed against their impact upon Humanity,
the dynamics are awesomely-jaw-hanging stuff.

it's as if all of Humanity has given itself over to 'Faith' founded solely
in the dynamics of 'gambling'. "Plunck your magic twanger, Froggy! Let's see
what happens."

when anyone who only looks-and-sees can Know, all along what it is that
=Will= happen.

how so?

i've been over it dozens of 'times'.

physical reality, including all nervous system function, grouped from the
'level' of individuals to all of Humanity, constitutes a Thermodynamic that
occurs in rigorous accord with the one-way flow of energy that is what's
described by 2nd Thermo [WDB2T]..

just as is the case at any casino, physical reality is 'rigged' with respect
to 'house-profits'. the 'house' cannot be beaten.

what's awesomely-Tragic, though, is that, unlike what happens at casinos,
physical reality can be operated-upon in a way that leaves =everyone= a



with respect to physical reality, 'winning' consists in eliminating the
'blindly'-automated Tragedy that Victimizes all people, everywhere.

and doing such is as Simple as it is 'Adruous'.

Adhere to Justice, for all people, everywhere.

why doing so is 'Arduous' is that there exists all the "biological mass"
[AoK, Ap5} that's accumulated, inter-generationally, over the course of the
millenia of Human History, and which is "inverted" with respect to doing so.

everyone has this inter-generationally-handed-down 'legacy' of of Ignorance
in which  'magic happens', and 'you' just have to wait for it and
everything'll be 'OK'.

such inter-generationally-handed-down stuff has physically-real Existence
within nervous systems, and when it's 'challenged' [as when happens when i
reach-out to folks here or there], via the 'blindly'-automated dynamics of
TD E/I-minimization, the 'door' slams-shut upon that which is
merely-unfamiliar. the physically-real nature of its correlated biological
mass induces folks to 'feel' that all the stuff of the
intergenerationally-handed-down Ignorance is 'real'. the Existence of the
biological mass is Real. it's correlate in the
intergenerationally-handed-doen stuff is 'just' False finitization [AoK,

there exists no greater Tragedy than this.

the Abstract Ignorance, inherent, is that which spawns =all= other Tragedy.

all Killing in the name of so-called 'religion' ['belief'] derives in such.
doesn't have anything to do with God.

it's all given 'Life' through the collective 'blindly'-automated 'Agreement'
that that which 'constitutes Justice' is nothing-more than that which is
'blindly' and automatically 'intuited' as 'being subjectively good' [AoK,
Ap4, 5, 7, 8]..

so the whole Damn 'blindly'-automated Mess continues in its Ravaging
Existence through our own Free Wills.

there Exists no greater Tragedy than this.

my 'heart' is filled-with-Sorrow as i write this.

when i 'logged-off' ~~ three years ago, making all the 'fuss' about, "I go.
You stay. No following.", and reiterating the stuff of the Oaths of Service
that i hold-dear, the idea was that, free of the 'pressure' i was applying,
folks'd Choose to embrace Truth.

it's 'funny'. i was reduced to scraping-by to maintain Life within myself.
worked a couple of warehouse jobs. and a job tending the graves of the
'Saints' at a cemetary. mostly, i cared for my Father, in the end Failing
him. through it all, i 'watched', hoping that given freedom from the
'pressure' i'd been exerting, folks'd Choose Truth.

it's 'funny'. i decided to come back online be-cause i saw, clearly, that
those in-'power' were admistering a massive Cover-Up, which, in my
experience, wasn't anything 'new' . but, it's 'funny'.  there was a Great
Need to Take-Action, so i came back online, and did so.

i've been Successful in accomplishing  =much=, but only few are Aware of all
that's entailed.

my Success has only been in an interim, stop-gap, way... "sticking my finger
in the levy."

those 'in-control'. those who could've received the Grace inherent in the
realization of ubiquitous Victimhood, have 'moved away from' the Grace

the result is that, through Choice, the at-depth dynamics continue,

as i always do, upon Witnessing such, i go into my 'clown-act' mode, in an
effort to 'perturb' the dynamics, while releasing the 'pressure' [as was
Evidenced in correlated-'time'-frame 'stock-market' dynamics [i stopped
doing my habitual 'stock-market' analysis, years ago, back when i was
emphasizing what was in-it.] once the fact of such analysis is disclosed,
further analysis is mitigated by virtue of the disclosure's existence.
everything subsequent to the disclosure is subject to manipulation, and is,
therefore, not 'garbage', but requires a different analysis. i
flipped-it-off. so folks should not key their stock-market decisions upon
anything that i do online. as has always been the case, folks should invest
in corporations that, themselves, invest in Humanity, rather than 'Greed'. a
whole set of good things has happened within corporate culture. Successful
investing depends upon the maintenance of such good stuff.]

anyway, the 'clown-act' [in your electronic 'presence', this 'time', in the
form of my nonchalance re. the FLT stuff] is my way of 'depressurizing'
what's, obviously, gotten itself "inverted".

it's a 'Stalemate'.


it's 'funny'. i've gone on and on, offline [and a bit of the same, online],
about Honoring Truth. [doesn't mean one has to exist as if rigor-mortis has

"Honoring Truth."

folks've interpreted such as 'having-meaning' with respect to
merely-superficial stuff, when i was always addressing the at-depth stuff.

anyway, it's Obvious to me that my small capabilities've been 'overwhelmed'
by the pile of crap that's continually heaped-up, and that Truth will be
'moved away from' in the short-term 'time' frame. i Knew this when the folks
in-charge undertook to hedge-their-gamble with all their, "of course there
will be more attacks" stuff.

Truth is that there need be no more attacks.

but those in-control have 'Decided' that Humanity shall not "invert",

though unspoken, the Cry, nevertheless, permeates everything,
"'blind'-automation is good. long live 'the beast'". and, for the
'time'-being, the 'status quo' will be maintained, even though it does
little-more than Ravage Humanity.

all this, be-cause no other could be found who'd Do-Science, or even breathe
a word of the Science.

anyway, instead of this stuff, i was going to write, this night, in an
analysis of "bullying".

i've long understood that there're many who consider me a 'Bully'. who're
flat-out 'convinced' with respect to such.

but that's not it.

all of my Life, i've 'bristled' in the presence of 'bullies' [anyone who
ab-uses 'power'-at-hand in their lives], most recently [at a superficial
'level'], at the hands of the jail-house bullies. it was 'funny'. i held my
own because i just didn't give a damn what happened. but i held my own.

when i was young, i'd do the same, via my 'clown-act'. when this or that
bully would be plying their interactive dynamics, i'd just 'jump-in-there'
and do my 'clown-act'. nothing 'funny' [i'd never make-it as a stand-up
Comedian], just 'silliness', that'd 'let-the-air-out-of' the interactive
dynamics, and redirect them. if that didn't work, i'd stand-in-there, signal
the direction to safety to the victim, and meet it all head-on.

worked every 'time' except once when i was a freshman in high school. the
bully, then was a senior hugely bigger than me. i was thrashed. but the
victims went away unscathaied.

it's "The Way That I Am".

some things just require such of a Man, even if he's only a Child.

so, there's 'Bullying' in-there, but it's like Kettering said, "One of you
is likely to be, and you had better find out which it is."

i keep-it-straight by always being aware where the Suffering is.

never fails, be-cause it reduces, directly, to the underpinning
Thermodynamics... to relative TD E/I.

if there's Suffering, anywhere, we =all= Suffer. Suffering, anywhere,
reverberates throughout Humanity.

rather than giving-up on our Freedoms, we should endeavor to eliminate the
Suffering, where ever it exists.

meet-it head-on.

it's 'just' Honoring Truth.

Honor Truth, and Truth Honors you right-back.

not, and not.

there's no way around it..

rather than 'seeing' such as 'ogre-stuff', stop and See it for what it is.

it's the Guarantee that, through Choice, Joy is ours for the receiving.

we =Can= Choose, accordingly.

it's a Fact.

Will we?

or Will we continue to breathe-Life into 'the beast'?

the answer ain't "blowing in the wind".

it's just long-term versus short-term TD E/I-minimization, and the
correlated information-processing Workloads.

superficially-approached, the short-term Workload is 'easy', and the
long-term Workload is 'hard'.

Truth is that it's just-the-opposite.

everything Worthy all Humans, everywhere, want for themselves and for their
Children, derives in Succeeding with respect to the long-term case.

it's what's in-my-'heart' for 'you'.

including those in-control who 'move away from'.

=everyone= just needs to 'take it on the chin' a bit.

and =Forgive=.

the need for Forgiveness is built-right-into the way our nervous systems

k. p. collins

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