The Need for Forgiveness

Kenneth Collins k.p.collins at
Tue Jun 11 03:34:53 EST 2002

Kenneth Collins wrote in message ...
>then, having 'realized' this, folks who conspire to redirect culpability do
>exactly that, heaping superficiality upon superficiality, in a way that's
>calculated [literally, as in AoK, Ap6], to 'swamp' information-processing
>capacity within the population as a whole, the goal being to instantiate a
>population-wide at-depth inversion.

...with respect to "NDT's understanding".

'they' are in for a Surprise. what's happened is that they've cast
everything in the image of their own merely-familiar stuff, thereby,
misconstruing it entirely.

but the 'Race' has been Real, and the only thing that can win it is the
stuff against which they've worked. "NDT's understanding".

so, there'll be a =big= "inversion" down the road, when they get-it.

i just Hope and Pray that the understanding has, in fact, already been
sufficiently communicated.

>when i was young, i'd do the same, via my 'clown-act'. when this or that
>bully would be plying their interactive dynamics, i'd just 'jump-in-there'
>and do my 'clown-act'. nothing 'funny' [i'd never make-it as a stand-up
>Comedian], just 'silliness', that'd 'let-the-air-out-of' the interactive
>dynamics, and redirect them. if that didn't work, i'd stand-in-there,
>the direction to safety to the victim, and meet it all head-on.
>worked every 'time' except once when i was a freshman in high school. the
>bully, then was a senior hugely bigger than me. i was thrashed. but the
>victims went away unscathaied.

'time'-line error: i was in junior high. [it's a trivial example, but, as
usual, i've complete verification.]

>=everyone= just needs to 'take it on the chin' a bit.
>and =Forgive=.

there is one exception: me. i cannot allow anything with respect to me to
remain unsaid-right-in-the-light-of-day.

so i'll have to take it all on the chin.

this's necessary because, otherwise, B. S. that's been circulated with
respect to my person will undermine the coming-forward of the understanding.

such must be met head-on.

no 'big-deal'. "i am used to it."

k. p. collins

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