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> Hippocampus very susceptible to a wide variety of insults, complicating
> factors being: high GC receptor relative to MR receptors,  highest density
> of NMDA receptors which are implicated in EAA damage and NO production via
> the endocytosis of the receptors


What are GC and MR receptors?

> Your statement re preferential damage to hippocampal Gaba neurons is very
> interesting. If you can provide a reference appreciated because I have noted
> other references to the effect of other 'distance effects' of trauma. The
> loss of Gaba neurons is interesting because it raises interesting questions
> with respect to the symptoms of some individuals post head trauma who
> sometimes report symptoms not consistent with the observed physical injury.

The paper I was mainly thinking of is the first one below. The rest
are later papers that expand on the issue of percussive injury-related
loss or changes distant from the injury site. The story is still
evolving. Often observed are losses of interneurons, but
paradoxically, enhancement of inhibitory postsynaptic event frequency.
Even more paradoxically, this increase in inhibition can lead to
hyperexcitability (! - see paper by Chen). "inhibition" turns out not
to be a perfect description of what GABAergic systems are up to...



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