Consciousness, New Thinking About

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Tue Jun 11 10:50:30 EST 2002

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> Interestingly I have just learned that psychogenic seizures can in many
> cases be self-induced.  It's also interesting that the condition is thought
> to (often) result from traumatic psychological experiences, including
> forgotten episodes from the past (such as rape and incest).

> With the benefit of hindsight the answer is clearly "Yes".  I should add
> though that I was trying to emphasize the possibility of an individual
> thinking itself into the disorder/condition (possibly over several years)
> rather than thinking itself into an actual seizure.
> I'll try to summarize some of my thoughts on this whole matter.  Please
> don't get carried away with your criticism.  I'm just floating a few ideas
> that may encourage others to investigate things that they wouldn't have
> otherwise thought of.


Apologies if I've been hypercritical.  

With regard to psychogenic seizures, epileptologists draw some clear
distinctions between psychogenic seizures (also called pseudoseizures)
and "epileptic" seizures in which the EEG displays evidence of
abnormal neuronal discharges. You may find the link below helpful.



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