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Wed Jun 12 00:53:17 EST 2002

John H. wrote in message ...
>because on your web page there is that reference to how a single Gaba cell
>in the hippocampus can entrain hundreds of neurons, so the loss of Gaba
>cells may be important functional significance for individuals post trauma
>who often do report attentional and memory difficulties ... .

in the perspective i hold, the trauma-induced activation constitutes an
'instance' in which innate information-processing capacities are exceeded.
so, such post-trauma 'difficulties' result from there being trauma-induced
increases in the relative randomness of neural activation.

the randomness is "whittled" away via subsequent 'normal' hippocampal [and
other systemic] function, to the degree that 'normal' functionality remains

what's important is that, in this view, the 'difficulties' are 'normal'. it
matters that such be kept-straight, both with respect to doing research
analyses, and, more-importantly, with respect to Therapy. 'seeing' 'normal'
stuff as 'pathological' works-against the goals of therapeutic processes.

[for those who've AoK, see the discussions of "supersystem configuration",
reticular formation, thalamus, hypothalamus, "biological reward mechanisms",
hippocampus, amygdala, basal ganglia, and their integrated functioning, and
the correlated discussions, including re. "warning learning", in Ap5, and
the stuff of the Alazar and Addey [sp.] ref. in Ap3 [the stereotypical
"diminution of high-frequency components of hippocampal activation]]

k.p. collins [ken]


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