The Need for Forgiveness CORRECTION

Kenneth Collins k.p.collins at
Wed Jun 12 01:38:54 EST 2002

>it's 'just' Honoring Truth.
>Honor Truth, and Truth Honors you right-back.
>not, and not.

yesterday morning, after posting the msg excerpted below, i hopped into my
car to do something that i've felt a need to do my entire Life. go to see if
there was a place where i could sit in the furthest place, and just be
'alone' with God.

the drive took about an hour, and i ran the post's stuff through the ol'
noggin', finding that i'd been UnTruthful... 'heart'-breakingly so.

what i'd written, while not completely-False was close to being so.

Truth is, prior to the encounter described, i'd been belittling the Young
Man's little Sister, who was a classmate of mine.

the fellow was just Caring for his Sister, and, when i looked back on my way
to the Monastary, i saw that the Young Man's actions constituted
turning-point stuff in my Life.

so, in the end, i'm Grateful for the Lesson.

i saw his Sister at the last high school reunion i attended [back when my
check didn't 'bounce']. in the quiet Grace with which she's lived her Live,
she Towers above me.

the rest of the discussion was as things were. i've always pretty-much been
a 'solitary' searcher [or an 'independent cus', take your pick]. it was that
way in high school. i didn't join any 'cliques', and was only invited to a
couple of parties. always gravitated to 'the background' of things. but, in
my senior year, i was =surprised= to be named the "most popular boy" on the
"class ballot", which was open to the whole student body, not only my class.
the only explanation for the 'clown-act' rescue stuff, which i
pretty-much did indescriminantly, even if i didn't know the folks involved.

when i looked-back yesterday morning, i saw that the Young Man to whom i
haughtily referred was
one of my Teachers.

i Apologize for Misrepresenting the dynamics. "He who exaults himself shall
be humbled."

let it all "fall on my 'chin'".

anyway, i Attended a Beautiful Mass. couldn't find the Vocation Director.
Drove to UMass to check-out a new PhD program in "Peace Psychology".

"ships passing in the night".

while i'm CORRECTING stuff:

i Apologize to the Navaho Nation for not getting my attribution of their
Young Men's Heroism ["code talkers"] right in another msg. I Apologize to
the Hopi Nation for so cavalierly-demonstrating my Ignorance with respect to

there's another Error in one of my posts [besides all the typos,
malapropisms, etc. in the prior post "mitigated" should've been
"mitigated-against", for instance] that needs to be fixed, but it's
temporarily 'slipped-away'. TD E/I(up), and all, as my nervous system works
to lift me up out of the 'gutter' into which i've descended.

i'm =not= "being too hard on" myself.

it's in my 'heart' to Honor Truth.

Failures with respect to such must be met head-on, their stuff embraced as
the Teacher it is.

"No excuses."

k. p. collins

Kenneth Collins wrote in message ...
>all of my Life, i've 'bristled' in the presence of 'bullies' [anyone who
>ab-uses 'power'-at-hand in their lives], most recently [at a superficial
>'level'], at the hands of the jail-house bullies. it was 'funny'. i held my
>own because i just didn't give a damn what happened. but i held my own.
>when i was young, i'd do the same, via my 'clown-act'. when this or that
>bully would be plying their interactive dynamics, i'd just 'jump-in-there'
>and do my 'clown-act'. nothing 'funny' [i'd never make-it as a stand-up
>Comedian], just 'silliness', that'd 'let-the-air-out-of' the interactive
>dynamics, and redirect them. if that didn't work, i'd stand-in-there,
>the direction to safety to the victim, and meet it all head-on.
>worked every 'time' except once when i was a freshman in high school. the
>bully, then was a senior hugely bigger than me. i was thrashed. but the
>victims went away unscathaied.
>it's "The Way That I Am".
>some things just require such of a Man, even if he's only a Child.
>so, there's 'Bullying' in-there, but it's like Kettering said, "One of you
>is likely to be, and you had better find out which it is."
>i keep-it-straight by always being aware where the Suffering is.
>never fails, be-cause it reduces, directly, to the underpinning
>Thermodynamics... to relative TD E/I.
>if there's Suffering, anywhere, we =all= Suffer. Suffering, anywhere,
>reverberates throughout Humanity.
>rather than giving-up on our Freedoms, we should endeavor to eliminate the
>Suffering, where ever it exists.
>meet-it head-on.
>it's 'just' Honoring Truth.
>Honor Truth, and Truth Honors you right-back.
>not, and not.
>there's no way around it..
>rather than 'seeing' such as 'ogre-stuff', stop and See it for what it is.
>it's the Guarantee that, through Choice, Joy is ours for the receiving.
>we =Can= Choose, accordingly.
>it's a Fact.
>Will we?
>or Will we continue to breathe-Life into 'the beast'?
>the answer ain't "blowing in the wind".
>it's just long-term versus short-term TD E/I-minimization, and the
>correlated information-processing Workloads.
>superficially-approached, the short-term Workload is 'easy', and the
>long-term Workload is 'hard'.
>Truth is that it's just-the-opposite.
>everything Worthy all Humans, everywhere, want for themselves and for their
>Children, derives in Succeeding with respect to the long-term case.
>it's what's in-my-'heart' for 'you'.
>including those in-control who 'move away from'.
>=everyone= just needs to 'take it on the chin' a bit.
>and =Forgive=.
>the need for Forgiveness is built-right-into the way our nervous systems
>k. p. collins

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