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>I'm looking for a good, general book on the brain.  One that in addition to 
>descriptions also says something about disease.
>I've read _The Human Brain_ by Susan Greenfield.  I thought it excellent.  
>But I want more now.

Susan Greenfield writes good books for the layperson. I personally
found it a bit patronising the way she writes, but that's just me.
There is a proliferation of molecular biologists and neuroscientists
writing science books for the layperson in the past 5 years, but many
retread the same ground.

For the best book on consciousness to date in my opinion is "The
Feeling of What Happens" by Antonio Damasio (2000). But it can be a
bit difficult for the layperson (although not excessively so).
If you want a more casual recreational read of the brain, read any of
Oliver Sacks books.

Or if you want something about memory which is easily accesible to
the layperson, try "The Seven Sins of Memory: How the Mind Forgets and
Remembers" by Daniel L. Schacter, which approached it from a
psychological angle. 

You could try the computational books but I would find them
inaccessible to most general readers.

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