Books on the brain and memory

khun_roy khun_royMUST_TAKE_OUT at
Wed Jun 12 20:47:09 EST 2002


Thanks for your response.

I think I need to be a little more specific.  I'd like something 
scientifically oriented which provides a "map" of the brain and how it 
works (and some on its pathology).  Perhaps the type of text that one would 
find in an upper level biology or similar class.

I'm reasonably intelligent, a former college professor and now a software 
consultant for the last 15 years. Currently I'm reading, for example, 
Clinical Neurology, 5th Ed.  It's pretty easy other than having to wade 
through all the new, to me, vocabulary.  But, I have little context of the 
greater picture.

I'm not interested in soft, touchy-feely books.

Would you still recommend Damasio and/or Schacter?

-- Roy

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