The Need for Forgiveness CORRECTION

Kenneth Collins k.p.collins at
Thu Jun 13 09:51:39 EST 2002

in other words...

"I shall try to correct errors when shown to be errors, and I shall adopt
new views so fast as they appear to be true views... and I intend no
modification of my oft-expressed personal wish that all men everywhere could
be free." (Abraham Lincoln)

me too.

it's all so 'interesting'. encountering an Error dating back to when i was
12, i fix it, and, yet, the world 'turns-gray'.

so i'll explore this a bit.

this rx ["reaction"] to what's inevitably-there is an 'ogre'. i don't know
how far back in History this sort of thing runs, but in these 'modern days'
it's rampant, and particularly Vicious.

take the Scandal in the Catholic Church, for instance. this's stuff, needing
action, that's been known-about for decades, yet, only this spring does it
become 'News'. i expect that the 'timing' involves 'me', because, after
2001-09-11, i shifted into high-gear, offline, calling folks in 'government'
to task with respect to the way NDT's stuff has remained 'hidden'.

then this Problem in the Catholic Church comes to the forefront.

where i Stand, as a Catholic is that it's Sorrow-Filled, but Good to have
the Opportunity to fix-it. in the end, the Church will Lifted-Up, and
better-able to carry out its Mission in the world.

it's Fitting that the Church should go-first.

because there's another set of exactly-analogous dynamics that've been
going-on for the better part of last three decades, involving other
Institutions, only the matter is with respect to Death and Suffering on
massive scales.

exactly-analogous Cover-Up stuff.

i know about it because the work i've done precipitated the stuff that

so i hope the Bishops, meeting in Dallas, provide a good example of what to
do with stuff that Needs to Be Done, especially when the doing is Hard.

that example will be of use with respect to the exactly-analogous stuff.

here's where i stand... rather than being death-knell stuff, the realization
that there's stuff that needs-fixing should be a source of Joy.

get it?

if it's so obviously needing-fixing, then there's been something that's
=really= wrong in-there. and if there's something that's really wrong
in-there, then, to remove that really-wrong stuff... to Eliminate it; to
rise-above it; to Transcend it... is a Joyous Prospect, no?


yet, when this sort of stuff comes up, rather than there being-Joy at the
Prospect of fixing-it, the 'modern' thing has become something inverted with
respect to such.



when what it is is something =Really= Wrong that's been brought to the point
of the possibility of its Being-Fixed.

the important question is, would the really-wrong stuff be Fixed if it
weren't the case that the 'pressure' were applied?

probably not [see the discussion of the "volitional diminishing-retruns
decision in the "Automation of Knowing..." ms. [AoK].

that's why the Problem in the Catholic Church wasn't Fixed decades ago, when
it Should've been Fixed decades ago, because it was known [not to me, BTW. i
only know that it was known from the contemporaneous reports. my own
experience within the Catholic Churdh has been devoid of the Problem stuff.

now it'll, Hopefully, be Fixed, and the Church will become stronger for its
having Fixed the Problem.

i hope they do it right. provide the Useful example.

and i hope folks can comprehend the 'pressure' i exert with respect to the
other, exactly-analogous, having-'interesting'-'time'-line stuff,  that's
in-Need of Fixing.

no 'pressure', no 'moving toward' Truth, and the absence of Truth Ravages.

Honor Truth, and Truth Honors you right-back.

not, and not.

but please don't leave-out Truth with respect to the Joy inherent in Fixing
what needs Fixing.

it, including doing all that can be done to Honor Victims, is  Pure-Joy

why do 'modern' folks cast such in the form of a 'cudgel'?

it's all explained in AoK. see, in particular, the discussion of "rendering
useless" in Ap8.

the "biological mass" [AoK, Ap5], the 'blindly'-automated reaction of the TD
E/I-minimization mechanisms... the coercion of 'the beast',  given Life in
the flesh of nervous systems, existing as some malevolent parasite.
"Abstract Ignorance", the absence of biological mass correlated to knowledge
with respect to the manner in which nervous systems process information via
'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization within nervous systems which,
nevertheless, process information via 'blindly'automated TD

=this= is the stuff that has underpinned all of "man's inhumanity to man".
it is the =only= Ravager that derives in-self. it's Fixed through simple,
but Arduous act of Free WIll that eliminates Abstract Ignorance... 'slays
the beast'.

this, too, Pure-Joy stuff.

Lincoln intuited such.

other, correlated matter: There is an article in today's [2002-06-13 _New
York Times_, "Separating Spiritual and Political, He Pays a Price", by C.
Hedges, pA33. the artical discusses the experience of Henry Siegman who's
been ostracized because he's taken a stand with respect to his Faith.

but i disagree with the gist of the article's title. rather than "separating
Spiritual and Political", Mr. Seigman is actually calling Government to task
with respect to the Great-Root stuff in Judaism with respect to Social

the analogous thing is all the rage, these days, here in America, where
nobody says it outright, but it's there-to-see by anyone who only looks...
"Kill in the name of God. To Hell with loving our enemies."

and, therein, the Opportunity to Fix what's =really= Wrong - what =really=
Needs-Fixing - gets 'cast-aside'.

Mr. Seigman, while i live, you live, flesh of my flesh, already "biological
mass". Godspeed, Kindred one.

k. p. collins

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