question about potential distribution in axon and synapses

Larry Lart larrylart at
Thu Jun 13 10:14:00 EST 2002

Hi all!

 How is the axon potential distributed via synapses?

To be more explicit giving Vsoma - the neuron's potential generated in
soma(?) then:

-         how "powerful" a synapse  can be? Considering that at initial
level was L and considering also that there is a constant activity the can
this level double or so?

-         If one or more of the synapses increases their propagation level
then is that reflected in the others?

-         I was reading somewhere that if two neurons are active at the same
time the synapses between them are becoming more powerful ?

  -    how much of Vsoma is wasted in dead ended axon termination?. there
should be a minimal lost in each of them considering the environment


Larry Lart

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