The Need for Forgiveness

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Fri Jun 14 04:25:26 EST 2002

Kenneth Collins wrote in message
>take the Scandal in the [Roman] Catholic Church, for instance. this's
stuff, needing
>action, that's been known-about for decades, yet, only this spring does it
>become 'News'. i expect that the 'timing' involves 'me', because, after
>2001-09-11, i shifted into high-gear, offline, calling folks in
>to task with respect to the way NDT's stuff has remained 'hidden'.

and the Action that needs to be taken is Clearly-Pointed-To by Jesusl
referring to Children ~~"Woe to those who lead any of those little ones
astray." and "Those who are not with , are against."

Clearly, any who 'move away from' Jesus' Admonition with respect to the
Children, are not "with Jesus".

Jesus also called folks to-task with respect to Forgiveness, so, those who
'move toward' Jesus must hear this call, but, in-such, those who are with
Jesus must by-in Jesus' Admonition with respect to the Children.

With respect to Jesus' Admonition, there's more in-there than is
superficially-obvious. =Anyone= who abuses Children commits an attack upon
all of Humanity, be-cause, through what Humanity gives its Children, what
Humanity will become is Determined.

the "Woe to those" in Jesus' Admonition addresses this stuff to =all= folks,
everywhere, to whom Children are entrusted  the sense of it is that, if the
Admonition is not embraced, the Children uncared-for, maturing to Adulthood,
themselves, become the Agents of the ~~"Woe to those who lead any of those
little ones astray."

can 'you' see it?

Jesus was, simultaneously, addressing the Unfathomable, and Deterministic
fact inherent in the way nervous systems process-information.

while Being what it Is, it's simultaneously all Neuroscience.

how it's so is explained in AoK and the refs. cited in AoK.

it's why, although it's 'difficult' to do so, i Acknowledge Jesus' Priority
[with jaw-hanging-down at what's in the simple Ethical Necessity of it].

it's 'just' Truth.

Honor Truth and Truth Honors you right-back

not, and not.

which is =exactly= what Jesus said with respect to Loving the Children, and
the Consequences inherent, either way.

it applies across the whole spectrum of interactive group-size, from
individuals, Families, institutional, including Government to national
populations, and to all of Humanity.

k. p. collins


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