The Need for Forgiveness: to the Palestinians

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"Bush Set to Offer Plan for Palestinian State", _New York Times_, Friday,
2002-06-14, By P. E. Tyler

quoting from the article:

"Mr. Bush did not spell out all the details of his plan in the 20-minute
meeting with the Saudi minister, but the discussions included such matters
as how to refer to the borders of a Palestinian state in any declaration,
how to set a time line for negotiations and how to arrange the withdrawal of
Israeli forces from the occupied West Bank so that Palestinian institutions
can be rebuilt and reformed."

to the Palestinians: you must work to become aware of the tremendous Burdens
that are being taken up, on your behalf, by Leaders, bearing Terrible
Responsibility, in America, in Israel, and in Arab Nations across the globe.
Work to gain a sense for such. In the understanding gained, you will find
Reason, and the necessary strength-of-Will, to =join= in the spirit of such

one reaching-out from a 'precipice', to give a hand-up, does so at risk to
one's self. of course, doing so 'just' expresses what ought to be the case
within the Human Family, but, in the heat of Ravaging conflagration, the
Obviousness of such is most-often lost to folks, not only in the Middle
East, but anywhere, and any 'time' such conditions exist. in South Asia,
Humanity is, even now, rising-up in Reason with respect to exactly-analogous
interactive dynamics. before that, the same struggle was met, with Reason,
in Northern Ireland, there, too, between populations who Profess belief in
the same God., before that, the Same-Stuff Ravaged all of Africa, Brother
against Brother, and, in South Africa, in the obviously-Unjust dynamics of
'Apartheid'. [And, yet, look, it was in South Africa that folks met last
year. but you allowed that Opportunity to slip-by, without taking advantage
of it. Why?]

the list of examples of the Same-Stuff marches back throughout all of Human
History. it's 'story' being one of Ravaging interspersed within a constant
longing-for-Reason, with Reason Triumphing when folks only turn to Reason
with determined 'hearts'.

what's the main factor within such embracing of Reason? it is Seeing that
all one's hopes and desires derive in the Same-Stuff of every other Human's
hopes and desires. all such derives in the =one= way in which all Human
nervous systems process-information. there is a 'catch' in this
Essential-Unity, however. it is that what comes to be held 'Dear' is
constructed, within our nervous systems, during the course of individual

so, if two people experience different stuff, then they will come to
hold-dear commensurately-different stuff.

=all= via the very same neural dynamics.

can you see the Tragedy inherent?

Quoting from the article:

"Mr. Bush made his intentions clear, these officials said, after weeks of
speculation that a decision was being held up by a struggle within his
administration over whether such a step held out any real hope of pacifying
the region."

to the Palestinian People:

Look deeply. See the Opportunity inherent, and See that you are being
offered the chance to Demonstrate that which you Profess to long for.

Know that your own actions, as a Population, will Declare Truth that exists
in your 'hearts'.

Shall you folks Demonstrate that it is Love that exists in your 'hearts', or

before you decide, consider the facts of your arduous experience, and how
that with which you are familiar derives in such experience.

your experience has been Hard.

but what can result from your turning this familiar experience into action?

you folks Know that, probably better than anyone else.

imposition of 'difficulty' upon others tends, strongly, to harden others'

you folks understand such through your being on the receiving-end of such,

See what's in your own reaction to such?

so how can turning to such bring about any lasting Good?

it cannot. any 'temporary gains', resulting from the resort to force, are
completely nullified by the demand for the constant  application of 'force'
that's required to maintain the imbalance of a 'scale' that's forcefully
'moved away from' its 'state' of being evenly-balanced.

such demands constitute a 'state' of self-imposed imprisonment, sapping the
energy of a population. energy that the population needs, and could
otherwise use, to lift itself up.

when it's the case that others, acting in Courage, present the Opportunity
to make progress toward that which you long for, it is =then= the 'time' to
reach-deeper into one's self in order to Demonstrate one's Worthiness of the
Trust that's been expressed.

the Problem is that your experience has been so Hard. as a result of that,
your behavioral propensities have become commensurately 'hardened'.

when this happens, even though one can, perhaps, see the Reason for
resisting acting out of such hardness, endeavoring to do so precipitates
considerable 'anxiety' within one's nervous system.

endeavor anyway.

know that, be-cause of the heightened 'anxiety', and the always-correlated
reduced familiarity, your actions will tend to be a bit 'awkward'.

resolve not to be 'vulnerable' to the 'mocking' of your 'awkwardness'. your
'awkwardness' is Testimony to the fact that you are endeavoring against the
old-stuff. know that the 'mocking' is 'just' 'blindly'-automated stuff that
flows out of 'blindly'-automated nervous systems.

make Progress toward Reason, taking 'steps' that, if small, still carry you
toward your goal of existing as a Population Esteemed within the World
Community be-cause, in making progress toward Reason, it's clearly seen that
you stand in Justice, not only with respect to yourselves and your own hopes
and your own dreams, but with respect to the Same-Stuff for =all= people,

This is what it comes down to. the Palestinian People is being Challenged to
Demonstrate that, as a Unified Community, it can Choose Reason.

you =Can=.

Choose Reason.

Demonstrate such.

Quoting from the article:

"It could antagonize the Israeli prime minister, Ariel Sharon, who met with
Mr. Bush on Monday at the White House, or subject Mr. Bush to political
attacks in Congress for appearing to reward Palestinians for the terrorist
acts against Israeli civilians,"

Quoting from the article:

"In Israel, Foreign Minister Shimon Peres today told The Associated Press
that he, too, was in favor of declaring a Palestinian state and then
entering into negotiations to settle the difficult border and refugee
issues, as well as how to divide Jerusalem as the capital for both states."

i Celebrate your Courage, Mr. Peres. i Believe your Partner in Peace,
Yitzhak, is Smiling 'down' at you from his being in the embrace of G-d. i
Know-for-a-fact that Mr. Rabin Smiles at you from within my 'heart', flesh
of my flesh, Cherished-there. but, then, you're in-there too. Godspeed, Sir.

Quoting from the article:

"In that interview, Secretary Powell said the president 'has not set back
one foot' from the vision he laid out for a Palestinian state in a speech to
the United Nations last fall. 'He knows that to get to that vision it may be
necessary to have a provisional state,' Secretary Powell said, explaining
that 'it may take several steps to get there.'"

to the Palestinian People:

Witness the Courage that's being Demonstrated. Emulate it. Rise up to it's
Challenge. Grasp the Opportunity inherent in this 'step'. Honor the Truth
in-it. Do not 'move away from' it. 'Move toward' it, for, in doing so, you
carry yourselves toward all that for which you hope and dream.

But see the Courage that's being demonstrated. Do not miss it, even though
you are 'anxious'. =See= it.. Do not 'shrug-it-off'.

Good People, entrusted with Leadership, are reaching-out, across the
'divide', on your behalves.

Resolve to Honor such.

Don't miss it.

Quoting from the article:

"In his lengthy conversation with Al-Hayat, Secretary Powell said that a
'provisional' Palestinian state, as he called it, should be one that was
transparent and exhibited good governance. Security organizations should
work well, he said, adding that such a state 'will help us develop
confidence that is needed between the two parties to move forward.'"

to the Palestinian People:

See the hands joined across the 'divide' - Good People, transcending
'differences', putting their 'hearts' into working on your behalves. Don't
miss it. Don't 'shrug-it-off.'

See all the Work in-it that's being done to present to the Palestinian
People the Opportunity to Demonstrate what's in your 'hearts'.

And what is it that is in your 'hearts'?

Everyone will see for themselves, through our media-bourne eyes, and minds.

Everyone will See whether or not you can lift yourselves up in the one Great
Task: to Love.

To Love, despite the fact of it's being hard to do so.

To Love, =because= it's hard to do so.

Nothing provides a stronger Demonstration of what's in folks 'hearts'.

You folks =Can=.

Choose Love.

Demonstrate such.

=Be= what you want our media-bourne eyes, and minds, to See.

We will See what you Choose.

Choose Love.

You =Can=.

Quoting from the article:

"On Monday, Israeli officials indicated that Mr. Sharon seemed satisfied
with his talks with Mr. Bush. The president, for his part, seemed to throw
cold water on Palestinian statehood, saying 'no one has confidence in the
emerging Palestinian government.'"

to the Palestinian People:

=Demonstrate= that which Underpins the building of Conficence.

Don't miss the Opportunity.

Don't miss all the Courage that has Lifted-Up in your behalf.

Choose Reason.

Demonstrate your Choice.

Embrace the Opportunity inherent.

We will See what is in your 'hearts'.

Don't allow 'anxiety' to 'steer' your Choice.

Choose Reason.

you =Can=.

See, in all this Courage, reaching-out-to-you, that folks =want= you to be

We will See what you Choose.

Choose Reason.

you =Can=.

Demonstrate it.

Choose Love.

you =Can=.

Demonstrate it.

k. p. collins

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