The Need for Forgiveness

Kenneth Collins k.p.collins at
Fri Jun 14 07:38:02 EST 2002

"Bomb Outside U.S. Consulate in Karachi Kills 8", By REUTERS

quoting from the article:

"Friday's blast is the fourth attack this year apparently aimed at
foreigners in Pakistan, after the kidnapping of U.S. reporter Daniel Pearl
in January and a grenade attack on a church in Islamabad in March which
killed five people, including three foreigners."

how can one Forgive =this=?

is 'Forgiveness' a turning of a 'blind' eye to such?

and what, in-it, is in Need of Forgiveness?

those who've, once again, resorted to 'suicide-bombing' have done so against

they are Attacking that with respect to which they remain Unfamiliar.

they do not perceive that what they do is Wrong, Unacceptable.

but why is it that they remain unable to See such?

who is it who has left Work Undone?

who is it that stands in the need of Forgiveness?

and why Forgive?

because doing so Eliminates that which 'paralyzes' - that which 'blocks' the
Work that Needs to Be Done.

=Everything= must be done to Eliminate such Killing

Sorrowfully, not everything that can, in fact, be done, has been done.

while that remains the case, the only other possibility is 'blind' Rage, in
which 'reaction' only emulates 'action', and all people, everywhere 'descend
into Hell' ["inwardly-spiralling" behavioral dynamics, AoK, Ap8].

the Enemy is 'Abstract Ignorance'.

Eliminate =it=.

=Remove= that which perpetuates its Ravaging existence.

we can do this.

we must.

as things stand, the Ravagers are, through our 'blindly'-automated Free
Wills, doing what's 'blindly'-automated.

"the blind leading the blind."


~~"Who can cast the first stone?"

Eliminate the 'blindness'.

~~"Remove the log from your own eye."

k. p. collins

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